A little about me

Hello There

My name is Kasia, I’m 26, and recently i found myself diving deep into the makeup world. It started with nail art and then eventually it grew into foundations, eye shadows, lipsticks and more (like beauty subscriptions). All my experience is self taught and lots of YouTube videos. I work as a machine operator at a warehouse and i have developed something I like to call Warehouse Glam style, which is comfortable clothes and a very glammed out makeup look. Having such a job limits wardrobe options so makeup is my escape. I find it fun and unique to every person. Everyone has a different way of wearing and applying different products. There is no wrong way of wearing something if someone feels positive about it, right?

My whole reason behind starting a blog about makeup is to be able to share reviews from a point of view of someone who could be considered “average”. I never took any classes or anything but i was always drawn to makeup. Even in high school I used to buy all of the cheap (and most likely fake) Ebay makeup. By that I mean there were harsh smells and fallout everywhere, but I was able to still feel good while wearing it. This is what makeup is to me. Boosting your confidence, not hiding or “painting” your face. Everyone should be able to own their comfort level.

My goal is to give you my perspective on different makeup products. First impressions, how they wear throughout the day, my thoughts and overall opinions. I hope these future posts will help, and maybe I’ll be able to post tutorials on different looks and nail art.

  1. Hi Kasia!!! Thanks for following my blog as well!! I made sure to follow and like your most recent posts!!! Happy blogging!!!

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