Clinique Beyond Perfecting foundation+concealer

This was the very first non drug store item that I bought and with a price tag of $29 I think it was one of the less expensive ones. I spent close to an hour in Ulta going from one brand to another and back to the first. In the end I decided to get this one and the only thing that I regretted was that I got the wrong shade. I looked like a pale ghost who has never seen the sun. Second time around I matched the shade to the foundation I already knew was my most definite match (because store light can play tricks on your eyes). Alabaster seemed to be much more of a fir for me than Breeze. From the very start I loved how thick the formula is and how even my skin looked. The wand applicator makes it super easy to control how much product is used. All that I need on any normal day is one layer since the coverage works so well with my skin type. On the days when I don’t want to have too much on my face (warehouses can get HOT) I use it to only conceal my dark circles and it really works wonders. Night shift can really pack some luggage in those bags. Of course, they didn’t magically disappear but it got them as close to gone as they get. This foundation has (I’m guessing) satin finish since it doesn’t dry fully matte but it’s not super dewy either. Once I put it on it stays all day whether it’s a work day or weekend and it most definitely plays well with other foundations. It blends like a dream and doesn’t lift off when I’m having one of these days when one layer just won’t cut it.

So let’s get to the overview:

  • Price: $29
  • Formula: buildable, no harsh smells, transferable on fabric
  • Longevity: long wearing 12hr+, holds through a work day without a setting spray,
  • Blendability: easy, no streaks, works well with either brush or beauty sponge
  • Coverage: medium to full, darkest spots still show but not as visible, 27 shades
  • Bonus: also acts as a concealer

I most definitely consider this foundation as one of my holy grails since it doubles as a concealer. It has the coverage I’m looking for and is something that I know I will reach for after this bottle runs out.

  1. […] My all time favorite foundation combo is Too Faced Born This Way foundation all over the face, then Clinique Beyond Perfecting foundation +concealer in places I know will get cakey, patchy, or need […]



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