Too Faced Born This Way foundation

I heard so much good things about this foundation that I just had to give it a try. For a price of $39 it brought me to a realization that makeup is on the pricier side. The applicator is a pump which makes it a little messy with the thickness of the formula. It is a little thinner than I first expected it to be, but I only need 1 1/2 pumps to fully cover my face. It beautifully covered all the redness and evened out the tone. I started out by placing small patches all over my face with my fingers, and them used a blending tool to spread and blend. While using a beauty sponge it blended out nicely and made my skin look nice and smooth as long as I didn’t wait too long. I had to be careful with using a brush. It took me a lot of blending to make sure that there is no streakiness. I thought that if I’ll set it with a powder it would look more blurred. It worked fine, but after a couple of hours at work my skin started to look patchy and had that dehydrated look to it. The one where a lot of fine lines are saying “hello, we’re here” and then pores join the party. Maybe it was that specific powder that had such reaction with this foundation (I’ll give it the benefit of doubt) but it seemed to hold up much better and natural looking without a setting powder. My makeup stayed in place for most of the day. There was some cakeyness around the nose area and missing patches on my inner cheek area, but nothing a little blending with a fingertip couldn’t help.

So let’s get to the overview:

  • Price: $39
  • Formula: buildable, matte/natural, semi thin consistency, not compatible with setting powder, transferable on fabric, leaves residue when touched
  • Longevity: cakeyness and patches around nose and cheek areas after about 6hr, quicker with setting powder
  • Blendability: easy to blend with a sponge if working fast, needs a lot more blending time while using a brush
  • Coverage: medium/full more on the full side
  • Bonus: very natural looking, looks amazing when used with Clinique Beyond Perfecting foundation + concealer

I like to use this foundation while out on date or on my days when I don’t have constant wind in my face. I would also use it for a “no makeup” look. My all time favorite foundation combo is Too Faced Born This Way foundation all over the face, then Clinique Beyond Perfecting foundation +concealer in places I know will get cakey, patchy, or need concealing.

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