BelláPierre Cosmetics Lip Culture lipstick set

As soon as I saw these in Ipsy offers I knew I had to get them even if it was just for the value itself. With the price of $52.50 on BelláPierre website, this offer was a steal for less than half the of the original price (yay! for ipsy subscriber perks). Needless to say I was drawn to them. This set includes 8 gorgeous shades that could be used for any look. They apply completely in two coats and last all night with only a slight fade in color. Waterline of my lip was as well covered as when I first applied it even after dinner break. Even though I reapplied it during the night, there was really not much need to. Color was still put and there were no patches with product gone. The formula is creamy and hydrating. It feels very nice and velvety on the lips without drying them out. That is so amazing for a matte lipstick! There is a very sugary scent to it that I can only describe as a sweet meringue. The only problem I came across is the tubes. Once the lipstick is out I have to make sure that the it won’t fall back in. I have to secure the twist bottom with my finger so that they stay in one place while applying.

The colors from left to right are:

  • Couture – dark berry purple
  • Hothead – tropical pink
  • Aloha – pink coral
  • Nude – as named
  • Catwalk – light nude
  • Fierce – metallic, dark gold
  • Incagnito – dark, warm nude
  • Envy – dark, cool nude

So let’s get to the overview

  • Price : $75 $52.50
  • Formula: very creamy, dries matte, doesn’t stain lips
  • Longevity: 12hr+, stays full coverage, color slightly fades half way through the day
  • Pigment: needs 2 coats for full coverage, 8 shades in the set
  • Bonus: sweet scented, one of the 8 shades is metallic
  • Con: not secured when extended and slides back into the tube

This is the first time I came across this brand and I think I fell in love. These colors work so well with any looks and are long lasting. Definitely pass the work day test.


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