Pretty Vulgar The Ink gel liner

This is the first time I have ever used a gel liner, so this review is also a first impression of a new to me product type. I got this in a boxycharm subscription along with an angled pencil brush. I believe the value for the gel liner itself is 24$. Right from the start I thought the packaging was adorable. It is styled to look like an ink well just which is so perfect for the name. When I brushed against surface of the product I noticed how soft it was. After swatching on my arm it dried matte and very jet black. The one swipe of the brush and I received the smoothest line. There were no clumps that I expected I would have to work through.

When I used it with an eye look I tried for different eyeshadow formulas (loose, foil, etc.) to test how well it will work with textures other than my bare skin. All went well except when I used the gel liner over a metallic foil shadow. The two colors mixed on the first layer of the liner, but the problem was easily fixed by adding another layer for a jet black line. Best part is no transfer anywhere on my face. Once the product has dried and set it was able to stay put throughout the whole day without smudging or being wiped away. I don’t think that its waterproof, but most definitely sweat resistant.

So let’s get to the overview

  • Price: 24$
  • Formula: soft, non clumpy gel, dries matte, very smooth
  • Longevity: 12hr+, all day until washed off, non transferable
  • Blendability: non smudging, mixed colors over foil shadow
  • Pigment: opaque with one swipe of a brush, 3 shades
  • Bonus: cute packaging
  • Cons: needed tape for sharper wing look

Everything in me wants to call this liner a holy grail, but I don’t think it would be fair since this is the first gel liner I have ever used. I would love to reach for this every day if it wasn’t for the price. I don’t want to run out too quickly.


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