Julep High Drama liquid eyeliner pen

A while ago I used to get a Julep subscription box. I fell in love with their polishes and skin products. It was very exciting when I found out that once in a while they have a mystery box for sale. I am a sucker for mystery boxes. This eyeliner was one of the goodies that came in one of these boxes. At a price of 20$, it paid in value for most of the box.

It has a sleek tip that’s flexible for when I need a thick line or a thin one. It’s as easy to use as marker. I was slightly disappointed though, when the color payoff was a lot weaker on the eyelid than it was when swatched on my forearm. It takes a lot of short strokes to get a nice smooth line. The tip is dragging instead of gliding on my eyelid. The line itself is nice and clean but when it comes to the wing part I have a little trouble making it nice and sharp while using this eyeliner. The good thing is that it dries almost immediately with a nice matte finish, and it goes over eyeshadow without mixing colors. Because of the drying time, the product does not wander off the eyelid and leave smudges. Once it sets it will last through a full day of work, unless it is a busy day. This eyeliner is not waterproof and let’s face it : everyone sweats. It won’t magically disappear or dissolve once a person starts sweating, but it will smudge even when one is careful not to disturb it. Bottom line is it will stay put unless dampened.

So let’s get to the overview

  • Price: 20$
  • Formula: matte, fast drying
  • Longevity: 12hr+ unless dampened
  • Blendability: stays put, non transferable, smudges when dampened, goes over eyeshadow without mixing colors
  • Pigment: good color payoff with short strokes, 1 shade
  • Bonus: good for begginers
  • Cons: tip drags the eyelid, high price

For the price that you pay, this eyeliner could have some more perks like staying power. I do like that it came in a mystery box for a fraction of its price, but when it runs out I don’t think I will be reaching to purchase it.


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