The BrowGal Instatint

This is such a great product if someone has brows that need a little more definition, but does not want to stay away from that natural look. I received it on one of my Boxycharm boxes and I’ve been using it almost all the time. I was never into that whole “Instagram brow” so this product amazed me from the start. It is described as a gel, but it isn’t glossy like one. The consistency is more dry and creamy, and also noticed thin fibers in the product.

Shade: Light Hair 03

Spoolie as an applicator reminds me of some sort of eyebrow mascara. It beautifully enhances the natural look of the brow once the product is combed through. When applied, it is difficult to tell if anything is worn on the brow unless there is a before and after comparison. There is no powdery, thick, or any other type of residue. From a whole day’s worth of testing I noticed that it doesn’t come off with simple sweat and it doesn’t rub off easily. When I accidentally waxed off 1/3 of my eyebrow it was this and the BH Cosmetics HD Brow Pencil together that helped me achieve that 100% natural brow look.

So let’s get to the overview

  • Price: 22$
  • Formula: creamy gel, small fibers
  • Longevity: 12hr+
  • Blendability: combs through easily, locks down stray brow hair
  • Pigment: sheer/sparse, 3 shades
  • Bonus: natural looking brows
  • Cons: difficult to create a thicker brow

This is a good product for a no makeup look . I use it on my lazy days to tidy up my eyebrows and it works beautifully.


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