Julep Skip the Brush Cremè-to-Powder blush stick

I chose this item as an add-on for one of my monthly Julep boxes about a year ago. Back then I just started getting into makeup, and mostly didn’t know what I was doing. Anything with an interesting name, packaging, or shade was what caught my attention. The most compelling part was the name of the first shade that I got – Golden Guava. It is a warm pink color with gold shimmer. Over many orders of mystery boxes I received many more shades that may not exactly be my color but I try to make them work anyway.


Shades: Sweet Peach, Golden Guava, Passionfruit


The way this blush applies is very smooth, and very intimidating at first. One swipe and there could be too much product to work with, especially with darker shades. The consistency feels like a cream but it blends like a powder. Darker shades are a little trickier to blend out because pigment is so intense. My favorite way of applying this blush is rubbing some on my finger tips and tapping them where I want some color; afterwards, I take a brush and blend the product into my skin. I know it most likely isn’t the “proper” way of application, but it works for me so I’ll stick with it. After a work day of testing I realized that the color starts slowly fading about half way through the day. My choice is to either retouch the blush, or let the color go. Since it doesn’t completely fade away I stick it out with what is left on my cheeks.

So let’s get to the overview

  • Price: 24$
  • Formula: smooth, creamy, applies thin
  • Longevity: starts slowly fading after about 6hr
  • Blendability: blends out like powder, despite the name I still use a brush, darker colors seem harder to blend out
  • Pigment: intense, a little goes a long way, 11 shades
  • Bonus: convenient, interesting packaging
  • Cons: easy to use too much, still needs a brush

This product wowed me from the start. Its convenient and easy to use. There seems to be a color for just any skin type.


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