Pretty Vulgar Make Them Blush

Yet another item that I was happy to receive in my Boxycharm! As far as I remember there were two variations that were sent out. I was hoping for a more intense pink but u ended up loving the shade I actually received. I was shocked to find out that the value of this blush is 26$! It has a very silky and smooth feel to it. It easily picks up on a brush so there is no need for multiple swipes into the product. I have to be careful to not use too much on accident. While the blush blends around nicely, it is difficult to blend it away. It’s not like its stays where you place it and it won’t budge, but more like a LOT of blending to make sure it’s not too much. My advice is to use the slightest bit of the product and slowly build up to desired intensity. On the bright side, whenever I wear it I can be sure I won’t need a touch up throughout the day. The blush works really well by itself for a subtle rosy cheeks, or as a blown out full on glam. The only issue I found with it is the packaging. Although the design is very pretty, the material used feels like cheap plastic. I don’t think this is something that breaks easily, but just the feel of it makes me want to be even more gentle with handling. I will definitely not be able to bring this on any trips because I don’t want to open a bad and see my gorgeous blush all over everything.

Shade: Hush Blush

So let’s get to the overview

  • Price: 26$
  • Formula: silky feel,
  • Longevity: 12hr+
  • Blendability: smoothly blends out
  • Pigment: buildable with light brushing, 8 shades
  • Bonus: stays on for a long time
  • Cons: packaging feels on the cheaper side

If it wasn’t for the steep price I would reccomend it for anyone and everyone. It is a really good blush and it comes in shades that can suit just anyone.


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