Nomad Havana Intense Eyeshadow

This simply yet beautifully packaged eyeshadow came to me in a Yes, oh Yas! subscription box. I love any and all eyeshadow colors so just the sneak preview of this item had me all excited. When it arrived I was impressed at how nice the packaging was. The matte black box with shiny gold lettering are a combo that is very pleasing to the eye. The first view of the product itself was no less amazing.

Shade: Cohíba

At first I thought the color I received might be too dark for my preferred looks but hey, I am not afraid to experiment with my makeup. At a first swatch the eyeshadow was very smooth to the touch and pigmentation was intense, as the name says. Swatch pictured above is the result of a single swipe in the product. My first thoughts were that it would give me a lot of fallout, since it seemed to pack so much color. It was nothing like that at all. I was able to brush this eyeshadow on my eyelid with only minor fallout. And the color transferred almost as beautifully as it did on the swatch. Shimmer and all. As a look, I tried to blend it with some of my gold cream shadow and over regular pigment shadow. I noticed that the gradient came out to be nice and a smooth transition without any bumps on the way. Unfortunately, throughout the day of work I noticed that as hours went on so did the shimmer with them. Although it didn’t take away much for that specific look I was wearing, it was disappointing to see that shimmer dull down. I do put my makeup through some heat, sweat, and lots of wind so for someone who conducts a less intense lifestyle on day to day basis this might be a perfect shadow. For me, unfortunately this does not make the holy grail list. I do love the way it applies and look forward to including this eyeshadow in my date night looks.

So let’s get to the overview

  • Price: 12$
  • Formula: not much fallout, very smooth, non chalky
  • Longevity: less than 6hr
  • Blendability: blends well with other brands and colors
  • Pigment: very intense, 6 shades
  • Bonus: sturdy packaging
  • Cons: shimmer in the shade Cohíba disappeared from my eyes half way through a work day

I would recommend this eyeshadow to someone who isn’t planning for a day that’s intensively active. This is a good eyeshadow choice for date nights or less active days.


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