Dirty Little Secret liquid matte lipstick

Have I mentioned yay for Ipsy weekday offers yet? Well, I’m doing it again. These lipsticks were sold as a set of three. This review has only pictures of two shades because one of the colors did not work for me at all, but it made my sister very happy.

Shades: Cinnamon, Late Night

Just at a very first glance the packaging is adorable. It is a clear tube with polka dots all over and cap is solid black with white lettering. The product itself has a very thin, liquid cream consistency, and no scent. On the first swatch I did on my forearm color came out beautifully with one swipe. Once I applied the lipstick to my lips the color was not as intense but it could make a look. Second layer made the color pop completely. The waterline was covered well and did not get gunky once the product dried to a matte finish. Best part – it passed the transfer test. The formula of the lipstick was not as drying as some of the other liquid lipsticks, but it was also not moisturizing at all I do believe that if it wasn’t for a snack during my break, the lipstick would hold on much longer and not slowly fade. The difference in color was not intense but enough for me to take notice. I did apply another coat to intensify the color but that’s when I came across a couple of problems. The main issue that I had, was that odd plasticky feeling of the product being so layered up. Second, with the touch up layer the lipstick was taking forever to dry. It was still sticky after fifteen minutes and I ended up wiping off everything and putting on a lip balm. Taking off the lipstick proved to be a challenge as well. For some reason it would not come off with just water and paper towel swipe. I really had to scrub my lips to get the color completely off. Silly me for not taking baby wipes with me everywhere I go, not just when I’m out with my daughter.

So let’s get to the overview

  • Price: 14$
  • Formula: thin liquid, matte, not drying but not hydrating either, does not dry completely after touching up, non transferable
  • Longevity: 6hrs+, starts fading quicker while eating
  • Blendability: no feathering, touching up with a 3rd coat results in plasticky-feel buildup
  • Pigment: opaque in 1 coat, 2 coats to intensify, 18 shades
  • Bonus: fades out gradually, stays put when drinking
  • Cons: touch up coat doesn’t dry completely

This lipstick is a more expensive upgrade from what I previously considered a great find. It is tougher through drinking water and more comfortable to wear. If I could find a great deal or a sale then I would definitely purchase more shades to add to my collection. I would definitely recommend this for an everyday wear.


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