Ciaté London The Fun Palette

When I first saw this palette online I thought it was the most interesting design to put on the packaging. It is so colorful and the colors of the actual shadows had me stunned. They were very fun, as the name of the palette suggested. There were four matte and five shimmer colors to create so many colorful looks


This palette was no stranger to my brushes before this photo was taken.

When these shadows arrives in the mail I could not be more excited. I was just starting to get used to different colors and how to make them work with my eyes. I though this was the perfect beginner palette and the colors were just perfect to expand on my comfort zone. Most of all, I had a pleasant experience with this brand in the nail department so I held the shadows up to the same standard. I started swatching the shadows and they were somewhat disappointing, unfortunately. Wile they rubbed off on my fingers with tremendous pigment, the transfer to my forearm left a lot to be desired. Where my fingers touched initially was where most of the pigment was located. The swipe left a sheer tail of barely any pigment. The bottom right shade was the only one that swatched clean through the whole swipe.


Shadow order swatch recreation

When it came to creating a look I noticed grooves left in the pans by the soft touch of bristles from a brush and a lot of pigment scattered around the pan. Pigment picked up beautifully but I had the same problem as I did when I swatched the shadows. Where the brush touched that’s where most (if not all) of the shadow was placed and when I tried to blend and spread out all I got was a sheer tail from a harsh patch of shadow on my eyelid. I found that best way to apply these shadows is to pack them on by pressing them on a lid with a flat but fluffy brush, and then pick up more pigment and blend with most gentle of touches. If needed, more layers can be added by using the same process. On the bright side, the fallout that was in the palette from picking up the shadow did not transfer to the eyes. The application came clean, and blending didn’t cause much mess under my eyes.

As the day went by, I started noticing that the shimmer shadows stay on a lot longer than the matte shades do. They didn’t disappear completely but faded out enough to make a difference in the look.

So let’s get to the overview

  • Price: 35$
  • Formula: chalky, lots of fallout when picked up on the brush, not as much application on the eye
  • Longevity: 6hr, shimmer shades stay on longer
  • Blendability: tough to blend out if used too much, will stay right in the place where it was put, shades form a smooth gradient once blended into each other
  • Pigment: very sheer unless a LOT of product is picked up on the brush, buildable to a more intense color, 9 shades
  • Bonus: unique shades
  • Cons: expensive, takes a lot of practice to get the hand of blending out the shadows to be non patchy

I think I was excited to try this palette because this brand makes my holy grail of base coats for nails. I don’t think I will be repurchasing this palette if I ever completely go through the shades. To me, this palette is a lot more hassle than it’s worth.

  1. I love how you wrote out this review



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