Ciaté London Glitter Flip

I think everyone likes glitter in their makeup. Sometimes more sometimes less. These lipsticks are good for both! When they are applied they dry to nearly completely matte finish, but when lips are pressed together… POP! More glitter appears as if it was magic! These are so unusual that I was just compelled to get three of them. One for every type of look, of course.

Shades: Fortune, Surreal, Trouble

Just from the first swipe I fell in love with the colors I chose. They had personality to them. I was not a big fan of the applicator though. The groove in the middle pulled out much more product than I’m comfortable working with. It got the job done without a second layer. Color was completely opaque. As the product dried so did my lips, unfortunately. At this point this is something I expect from any liquid lipstick. The colors were beautifully matte with few specks of glitter. Then I pressed my lips together. It was a full on glitter lip. It wasn’t the tough and chunky type; more of a smooth specks that I could barely feel. The more I pressed my lips the more glitter seemed to appear, until I hit a point where the lipstick became more patchy. My lips didn’t feel gunky but glitter disappeared from a few patches. If i wanted to retouch it i had to wipe off all of the product from my lips and start over. If I would put and extra layer without the cleanup then the lipstick would not dry completely and i would be stuck with sticky lips. It was very difficult to take off. I use baby wipes instead of regular makeup wipes and normally they work wonders with erasing any traces of makeup. This time I really had to scrub my lips to get all the product off. At least I found out that this lipsticks will stay on ALL day long.

So let’s get to the overview

  • Price: 19$
  • Formula: drying, cream liquid, thick
  • Longevity: 24hr
  • Blendability: unusual applicator had a dip in the middle, once lips are pressed more glitter appears
  • Pigment: intense, dries matte with few specks of glitter, 13 shades
  • Bonus: stays on all day
  • Cons: difficult to get off even with makeup remover wipes

These lipsticks are perfect for a party! This will not stop me from wearing them to work once in a while. They have the perfect staying power I just have to be careful not to press my lips too much.


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