Too Faced Glitter Pop peel off eyeliner

I saw this eyeliner at Ulta out of the corner of my eye, and I kept coming back to it throughout my whole shopping trip. I do love anything that glows, sparkles, or shines so it was almost as if this eyeliner was calling to me. Out of all the colors I thought this one would contrast with my eyes the most, making them pop.  I was intrigued by the concept of a peel off eyeliner. On one hand easy cleanup, on the other how did they make it so it peels off? My first thought raced back to kids glitter glue and how it would peel off of my hand way back when. This would be putting a grown up spin on my childhood favorite… with a lot less skin harming chemicals.

Shade: Fairy Queen

A single swatch on my forearm did not give me as much glitter payoff as I wanted so I  layered two more coats. Plus side – no glue smell. The application took a lot longer than i expected. Each of the brush strokes had to be short for a full glitter look, and I did have to add and extra layer for the glitter to really add some serious sparkle. As the eyeliner dried i noticed that it tightened on my eyelid. It felt like I put a sticker on and left it there. I did not feel comfortable having something like this on my eyelids. It wasn’t even for that long. After about two hours or so the eyeliner started lifting off. After spending so much time putting it on I expected the results to last a little (if not a lot) longer. Needless to say I was disappointed. With the last of my hope I threw a glitter line over my regular gel liner. It worked. It didn’t fix all what I disliked but definitely extended the longevity by a 100%. Despite the things that did not exactly score with me, it was so satisfying to peel off the eyeliner off of my eyelids. There was no pain that came with it, just smooth peeling.

So lets get to the overview

  • Price: 20$
  • Formula: glitter gel, dries to a peel off
  • Longevity: 4hr+, starts peeling quicker without an eyeliner base
  • Blendability: can be spread around to add shimmer, once it dries it is like a sticker
  • Pigment: needs at least 3 layers for full glitter line, 7 shades
  • Bonus: easy to fix mistakes, peel satisfaction
  • Cons: feels like a sticker on the eyelid

This eyeliner is as named, glitter and peel off. If someone doesn’t mind a feeling of something stuck to their eyelids then this eyeliner is just right. It takes a lot of patience to get a full glitter effect. I do plan on using up the rest of the eyeliner but I will not be purchasing more. I still like Too Faced brand, but this specific product was a complete miss for me.


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