Too Faced Born This Way Multi-Use Sculpting Concealer

I saw the hype in my email and had to get on board of that train… especially since I needed a concealer. This was the first high-end concealer that I ordered. For the future I will have to remember NOT to get a lighter shade. I am pale but this shade made me look ghostly. This review is based on every other aspect except for the shade, which was my fault for getting one that is too light.

Original packaging of the concealer looked very beat up when I finally got my hands on it. I guess that was to be expected whenever ANYTHING is ordered online. The little box it came in was adorable with pink and gold theme. That has to be one of my favorite color combos. The bottle itself was made to imitate Born This Way foundation. The concealer was a smaller version of it. Applicator however, was different. Instead of a pump there was a dofa. That was a smart move since concealer needs to be used more precisely.

Consistency of the fluid was very thick and creamy. My first thoughts were that it was going to feel sticky or heavy on my skin. Any concealer that I have used so far was a cream in a stick form, so this was a different way for me. Since I wanted to see how well this formula would cover my dark spots and redness I thought I would try it on my right forearm. The trunk of my elephant was the best place to test out the coverage.

Shade: Snow

The above picture shows one swipe of the product with finger blending (left) and one swipe without. I know I should have used a sponge or a concealer brush but I just got too excited. The coverage was amazing! Next step was working this product into my makeup routine. Coverage was unbelievable. I always had this one vein right on the bottom of my under eye bag that always gave me trouble. I tried all creams, gels, but nothing worked so ANY coverage I could get was good enough. This concealer made it disappear completely along any heavy baggage. POOF! Gone. Just like magic. There was no way of describing how happy I was to make my problem go away. Well maybe not go away, but all the problem spots were gone. Then the real test came. Would this concealer survive the warehouse environment, or would it run off my face in a heartbeat? First couple of hours went by fine… and then paranoia hit home. Paranoia may be a strong word, but a lot more checking took place as time went on. Since I baked my under eyes I was afraid that they will get dry or patchy. To my surprise and addition to excitement the concealer stayed on flawlessly for full 12 hours since I put it on. This made it outlast any of the previous products.

So let’s get to the overview

  • Price: 29$
  • Formula: creamy, smooth, thick, non oily
  • Longevity: 12hr+, slightly resistant to water
  • Blendability: spreads out smoothly, works well with setting powder
  • Coverage: very full, covered the darkest of spots under my eyes, 20 shades
  • Bonus: flawless finish and comfortable wear
  • Cons: n/a

Hands down THE best concealer that I have ever used. It could be that it is a different type from the ones that I have used so far but it most certainly does the job for me a lot better than a stick concealer. It is good for a  lunch out, work look, or even a party. The price may be steep but in this case the quality is worth it in my books.



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