Tarte Don’t Quit Your Day Dream eyeshadow palette

What drew my attention to this palette was the very name. For some unknown reason it seemed like a perfect choice for something that could be used on daily basis. Shade range looked like it was chosen to cater to people who like more neutral colors, but with a little pop of shimmer. There didn’t seem a way to go wrong with these shadows.

As any other person, I do like the little good extras in life. In makeup case, I love any palettes that include something for the face too such as a blush or in this case a highlighter. With this palette there are so many soft looks that can be created to mimic a beautiful glow and minimal sparkle as well. The darker shades can be used for a more mysterious and darker looks while still sticking to that neutral/shimmer theme. With all that being said, there are a lot of palettes that have a similar shade range, whether they are a high-end brand or a cheap dupe from eBay. The real test is how they hold up.

Shades: Shine On, Rock On, Visionary, Loveee, Boss Lady, Strive, Runway, Werk

All of the colors swatched beautifully and very smoothly and with lots of pigment. Shade Rock On had to be swatched a couple of times because I wasn’t sure if it was blending in with the skin that well or if it was that one runt pigment. Thankfully it was the first option. All the shades swatched like a dream without much pigment loss; but swatching and actual application with a brush are totally different things. I noticed that matte shades came out nice and pigmented while shimmers needed a little help by dampening the brush. Even though I’ve had problems with blending dampened shadows these did not cause me much trouble. Transition between the shades was smooth and very easy to achieve. Unfortunately there was some fallout from applying the shadows. Good thing about baking the under eyes while applying shadows is that any escaping pigment can be swiped away with ease.

With the look done I was ready to take on the day. I was feeling good and glowing, only to look in the mirror half way through the day and see the damage my testing has done. The shimmer shade was no longer shimmery and the matte crease was a lot less intense than when I left my house. Good thing that the highlighter survived to shave that look. I may be exaggerating a little and the look was not ruined, but the intensity decreased significantly.

So let’s get to the overview

  • Price: 29$
  • Formula: very fine, smooth powder
  • Longevity: 6hr, fades out half way thorough the day but not completely, shimmer shadows lose pigment quicker
  • Blendability: easy transition between shades, smooth to work with
  • Pigment: matte shadows are more intense, shimmer shades require dampened brush to really pop, 1 highlighter, 3 matte, 4 shimmer
  • Bonus: good for every day looks, highlighter shade can be used on face and body as well
  • Cons: “tame” color selection

I really like this palette for a very soft glam vibe. The looks that can be created would be similarly themed but still gorgeous. There is no was these shadows can be applied in a “wrong” way. The shades work together wonderfully. I would most definitely label it as a great high-end palette for beginners, but not quite a holy grail for me.


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