Pür Sculptor palette

This convenient little thing was one of many palettes that Boxycharm sends out in their subscription boxes. That specific box I wanted to keep as a surprise and I am glad that I did. I always get either highlighters or mostly blushes so having a bronzer as well was very exciting. The only thing this palette needed for a full face was a tiny amount of blush. Not that I’m complaining (since I have plenty in my drawer) but I would make it seem more complete.

When I opened the palette the first thing that caught my attention was a very pleasant cocoa powder smell.  Colors on the inside looked like they would be perfect for many skin tones including my own. They were on the warmer side, which is what I prefer especially bronzers. With highlighters I like to experiment a little and I’m not afraid to use something with even a blue color to it. These highlighters were gorgeous warm gold. With these color selections any almost any face could be transformed into a glowing masterpiece.

Shades: Originator, Inventor, Trailblazer, Founder

Finally the moment of truth came. The try on and testing part of any makeup product that my hands came across including this one. I swirled the brush into Inventor and proceeded to apply it to the hollows of my cheeks. Oh my pigment! The color that was in the pan came out to be exactly what brushed onto my cheek where the brush touched. Only the teeniest tiniest amount was needed to add some color, which I learned on my second try. All that was needed was a gentle touch of the brush into the product and tapping off nearly all the loose powder. The initial application left the product a little patchy in my skin. It took a lot a brushing and blending to get the color to spread out nicely. Good thing was the bronzer was very buildable. I started noticing that in contrast to my (fair with neutral undertones) skin tone the bronzer looked a little ashy. I know the picture still presents it as a warm shade, but once applied with a brush onto my face the color seemed to shift into an ashy warm shade.

With the highlighters was a similar story. Similar but not exact. Very little product was needed to add a gorgeous glow; however, that glow seemed to stay the same in intensity after the second layer. With my skin tone it looked very intense but natural. Again, where the brush initially touched on my skin was where the product was most intense and it took a lot of blending to have it spread out nicely. If it came out patchy it was a lot more difficult to notice than the bronzer, since the shimmer in the highlighter blurred that flaw.

So let’s get to the overview

  • Price: 30$
  • Formula: light and smooth, smells a bit on the cocoa powder side, buildable
  • Longevity: 12hr, slightly fades through the day but not too much
  • Blendability: requires a lot of blending to spread the product evenly
  • Pigment: very intense, the tiniest amount goes a long way, 2 highlighter shades, 2 bronzer shades
  • Bonus: great for most skin types
  • Cons: once applied to the cheeks the bronzers seem a bit ashy in color

The first use of this palette was the most intimidating but once I learned to work with the pigment it became a most used palette in my face arsenal. Unfortunately I do not consider either of these four shades as my holy grail because of the blending aspect and that the bronzers look ashy . It is still a great palette that I would recommend.


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