July 2018 Ipsy unboxing

Ipsy is a 10$ per month makeup subscription. Each month they send out a Glam Bag that is filled with five makeup and skin care items based on a previously filled beauty profile. I have been subscribed since October of 2018 and I have never regretted it. One of the perks of being a subscriber is access to Ipsy store where they have all kinds of brands from Absolute New York to Z Skin Cosmetics, and a lot of other brands in between such as MAC and Too Faced. Items sold at are eligible for Ipsy cash, which is up to 30% cash back (depending on the brand). As a bonus perk, Ipsy offers weekday deals that are even up to 95% off of their original value. Well, that one time it did. It mostly ranges from 50% to 75%, which is still a super awesome deal.

Let’s get back to this month’s goodies.

The bag for this month is a pretty cool blue color with HOLO SHINE! (Shout out to all the holosexuals reading this). White zipper has a round, rubbery attachment. I think overall the bag is adorable but a little more themed towards cooler, winter months instead of summer time.

Top picture shows how the items come out of the shiny, pink bag in the mail. Obviously the face masks would not fit in the glam bag with other items so they were put directly into the shipping bag. Picture below shows all the items taken out of the bag. There are many variations of a glam bag and the selection is determined by a beauty profile and reviews of previous glam bag items. Each month will be more and more accurate to a specific taste in makeup and skin care. For next time I will try to have a separate picture of the bag itself. Since this is the very first unboxing of anything I am trying to work on a format that is eye pleasing and non confusing.

Finally the items!

1.The very first thing that was in (or outside) the glam bag were two sheet masks from a brand Callyssee. This is the very first time that I have even heard of this brand. They seem to have all sorts of skin care products that have caffeine infused in them. For any caffeine addict this seems like a jackpot. I am all up for all types of skin care products but I strongly prefer a makeup item instead of a sheet mask. Since I do belong to a caffeine addict category I am very intrigued by these masks. Even if I don’t end up liking them I still wast to try at least one more product from them before I make a final decision on whether this brand is or is not for me.


2. I have been getting myself ready to buy one of these shadows for the longest time. Ofra is one of the brands that all the makeup gurus have been in love with. Well, at least from what i have seen. I am so excited that this moth I received this eyeshadow. The shade I am not really a fan of. I’m pretty sure that there are people who would be overwhelmed with getting a charcoal shadow with shimmering specs, but to me it was meh at best. Having hooded eyes shimmer shades in my crease do not mix well unfortunately. Since it is a buildable shade and it looks high quality I would love to get more shades whenever there is a sale, just so I can make a full testing and review for these shades. One thing that i am not fond of is that I can not find a shade name anywhere.




3. A flat, but fluffy makeup brush from IBY Beauty. Throw any type of makeup brush at me and I will love it. My brush collection can never get too large. This one is so soft which will make blending shadows an easy task. It seems to be very good as a packing brush. The gold feather detail is a very cute addition to the look of this brush.


4. Out of all the items in this month’s Glam Bag this one has to be my least favorite. Not that I dislike it but I don’t like it as much as the other items. It is a lotion with shimmer by Wander Beauty. I have to say that if I received it any other time I would be thrilled. It adds a gorgeous glow to the skin, but unfortunately it also highlights any bumps and imperfections. This is an odd sample, because I looked up the full size product and it is a two-part tube. One is lotion and the other part is a stick highlighter. I wish the sample also included the stick portion to really see how the product performs as a whole.

5. Here’s my favorite item this month. This gorgeous little thing by Mellow Cosmetics is most likely my most favorite item EVER that I got from Ipsy. A lot of the items are deluxe sized but once in a while they bring out the full-sized items. Like this lipstick. The shade is Candy Floss and fits right into my tastes. I am familiar with Mellow Cosmetics and got to say that I am impressed with the quality of their products. This pick hit right in the bull’s-eye and since this is a full size I plan on putting this lipstick through a test and writing a review on how it performs.




So lets get to the overview

Some items were a hit and some were less so. For the price of 10$ I got some amazing value.

  • Callyssee Caffeine Rush Nourishing Facial Mask – 28.50$ sold as a 3-pack
  • Ofra Cosmetics eyeshadow pan – 12$
  • IBY Beauty Fluff Eyeshadow Brush – 8$
  • Wander Beauty Glowtion in Celestial – 34.00$ sold as lotion with a stick highlighter on the cap
  • Mellow Creamy Matte Lipstick – 15$

I rate this month’s bag as a 4/5. What made me take away a point was the Glowtion. I really wish the sample was constructed more like the full size version of itself. I also wanted to take a point away for the sheet masks but I am glad I found out about this brand. It seems to have so many caffeine infused products. I am already looking forward to next month’s Glam Bag and hope that the items will be a lot more suited to my tastes.


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