July 2018 Boxycharm unboxing

My favorite box of the month – Boxycharm! It is a monthly beauty subscription where for 21$ they send 5-6 FULL-SIZE makeup and skin care items, as well as tools such as brushes. Boxes have a set theme, but some of the products may vary based on a beauty profile filed by the subscriber. Value of the box has always been over 100$ ever since I started subscribing. There is a discount for a longer commitment at 3, 6, and 12 months.

The box itself is always the same. The inside is cushioned with a sheet of foam so that the items will not get damaged in transit. This month’s box featured four makeup products and one skin care item, for me anyway. I am always up for bettering my skin, and even more so for more makeup to play with. I always try to keep away from the spoilers, but it is not as easy as it may seem.

Here are the items!

1.  I feel like Boxycharm really loves its Dr. Brandt items. I am not complaining! This brand has some really amazing products that get the job done. Without Boxycharm I would not be able to afford any of this brand’s goodies. This tube of de-puffing eye gel goes for a significant amount. For the time being, I will not be using it because I am still working through the tube of de-puffing gel from Julep. I have had such a good experience with Dr. Brandt items that I can not wait to start using this gel. All the products that I have received so far exceeded my expectations. This little tube is most definitely held to a high standard. My under eyes desperately need all the help they can get, so when this item sneaked up on me as a spoiler I could not be happier.

2. Here we have a mascara in a squeeze tube. At a first glance, it looks like a lip gloss or a liquid lipstick. This way of packaging has to be really strange to some people, but it just makes sense. With a flexible tube, it is much easier to get more use out of a mascara. More product is able to be dispensed this way. The packaging has a very pretty color scheme, even though it slightly blends into the background. I was a little less thrilled to receive a mascara because I am still working through ones that I received in other subscriptions. However, the description of this specific one on the little pamphlet had me intrigued.

This award-winning, black and intensely glossy mascara will bring your lashes to new heights (literally). The Unleashed mascara volumizes, lengthens, strengthens and conditions your lashes while using a combination of gentle ingredients.

This small thing promises something that I have been looking for in a while. Just on that description itself, this mascara bumped all the way up to the very next I will be using after my combo will run its course.

3. So many blushes, so many colors! If I knew that blushes would be such a common thing for subscription boxes then I would try to stay away from purchasing so many on my own. Key word ‘try’. I would give my best to try to stay away from buying blushes. This one reminds me of Tarte Amazonian Clay blush in the way it feels and applies. It could possibly even be a dupe. Possibly, because I would need to find similar shades and put both through a test. This color that I got is an orange-pink cross with smokey peach. In real life, it doesn’t look nearly as orange as it does in the picture. This compact contains a blush, mirror, and a brush hidden in a bottom compartment. This is perfect for traveling. It is small in size and very convenient to take on a trip or vacation. The packaging looks sturdy enough to survive even a plane ride.

20180719_0103506824767343782001735.jpg        20180719_0104073356596529254422698.jpg

4. Yay for brow stuff! There isn’t anyone anywhere who would pass on getting some brow product. They need some love too. I expected this to be a powder form like the one I bought from Julep. It’s great but unfortunately, I am running low, especially when it was dropped on the floor a few times. I was happy to open my box and see this adorably packaged and convenient item. This eyebrow cream is the second Chella Beauty item that I received. Both of the items were styled so similarly that I thought I will have to pass the double along to someone else. I’m glad this turned out to be an eyebrow cream. So far this brand proved itself interesting. I will have to hunt for deals to try more from them.

20180719_0109149209207349875659932.jpg 20180719_0109512014337834961891080.jpg 20180719_0110238298416738484266175.jpg

5. On to the Crown jewel (get it?) of the whole box. This gorgeous eyeshadow palette is themed with black and gold, and the shadows on the inside are stunning. When I swatched them on my arm I noticed that the matte shades come off a lot weaker than the shimmer ones. They are all warm toned and I can not wait to dip my brushes into the shades. This item was one of the variable items and I am so grateful that I received this palette. I was a little disappointed to see that after tearing away the bubble wrap pouch there was a lot of fall-out. I thought that the shades were shattered, but fortunately, it was only a slight dusting and no damage.


So let’s get to the overview

Boxycharm has always delivered great products that are not only full size but also high quality and value. This month’s box contained:

  • Dr. Brandt No More Baggage – 42$
  • Wander Beauty Unleashed Volume And Curl Mascara – 24$
  • Note Cosmetics Luminous Silk Compact Blusher – 11.99$
  • Chella Beauty Eyebrow Cream – 26$
  • Crown Brush Fuego Eyeshadow Collection – 29.99$

This brings the total value of the box to 133.98$ Overall this box gets a full five stars from me. There was not a product that I was not excited about. I can not wait until next month.


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