Tarte Best In Faux

While completing my order on Tarte website this mascara just called out to me. I did not look at the description, only threw this item into my virtual cart and off I was to checkout. I waited patiently to get my wonderful package which included this and a few other goodies. I unpacked all items and proceeded to take photos so I have nice and fresh product pictured before I get my fingerprints all over. It finally came to photographing this little beauty. I open to get a shot of the mascara brush and…

This fuzzy thing welcomes me. It was completely not what I expected. I thought that this was a mascara with fiber extensions. Oh, how wrong was I. This item is something that goes on top of mascara, and then set it in place with another coat. Anything to get longer and fuller lashes, right?

On a side note, I was glad that I checked the box before throwing it out. It turned out to have a sample size of Lights Camera Lashes mascara to prep and set the fiber extensions. Unfortunately, this mascara was dry so I had to use another one in my collection. Below are the products that were in the box.

First things first, I had to apply mascara. Before it set I had to apply the fibers in a thin layer all over the lashes. This is where I came across some trouble. No matter how careful I tried to be the tiny artificial lashes fell into my eyes and irritated them through most of the application process… and a good chunk of the day as well. When it came to the coat that was supposed to set these fibers in place I didn’t know what to think at first. All the eye irritation seemed to be pointless as I watched the fibers disappear. It was disappointing to see. Then I looked back from the eye I was working on and compared it to the one I have not done yet. I was like magic. Turned out that the irritation was not as bad compared to the results. The lashes looked fuller and a lot longer in comparison. On the second eye, I tried to be more careful to not get any fibers where they were not supposed to be. With practice and a lot of irritation tolerance, I was finally able to apply it without any issues.

Finally came the portion where I see how these fibers hold through the day. They did not disappoint. At the first day I didn’t realize that I  used a mascara that flaked easily. It was almost time to go home when I realized that I can not give this an honest review unless I use another mascara with it. The second day I found no issues and a new favorite alternative to falsies.

So let’s get to the overview

  • Price: 20$ 12$
  • Formula:  loose fibers
  • Longevity: depending on mascara used as base
  • Bonus: a great alternative to natural looking false lashes
  • Cons: fibers get in eyes

Even though I bought this thinking it was something else, I loved it from the very first time i learned to control the application. It extends the lashes and makes them look fullet. It is great for an every day look or a glam one.



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