Tarte Clay Pot waterproof shadow liner

I have been looking for good colored liners for a while and did not have much luck. Then I found a newsletter in my email from Tarte about a sale. I was just browsing around and came across these curious things. From the pictures, they looked just adorable – clear jars with gold lids and such beautiful pigment on the inside. I just had to get myself a few, there was no way that I would pass up this sale. Tarte is a brand with products that delivered quality for me any time I used them.

Finally, it was the day the package came. I tore into the carton and pulled out these shadows. The color in the pots was so very vibrant.


Shades: Prom Queen, Blue Moon, Lucky Penny

While swatched the shades seemed to have a different consistency from each other. Purple shade Prom Queen was a little dry and applied patchy when swatched and on the eyelid, while Blue Moon had the smoothest application. When it came to Lucky Penny it had an odd texture. It could have been because of the shiny pigment but the product came off patchy and a little less smooth. Since all three colors had different textures it leads me to believe that depending on the pigment added to the clay base texture changes. Full application of the wing took a little while, especially with the two dryer shades. The help of some tape was most definitely required, but in my case, that is always required whenever I use an eyeliner that requires a brush.

The description of these also stated that they could be used as cream shadow but that option did not work that well for me.  I am not going to hold this against this against the product itself but rather my inexperience with cream shadows. For testing purposes, I only used these the way that I knew and felt comfortable – a very colorful wing.

Through a day full of sweating I didn’t have any high hopes. I was convinced that the color will either run down my face or it will somehow disappear. It was wrong to assume. The eyeliner stayed an all day until it was time to take it off.


So let’s get to the overview

  • Price: 21$
  • Formula: gel liner, texture varies by shade, quick drying
  • Longevity: 12hr
  • Blendability: stays put, best if applied in short strokes
  • Pigment: high, requires at least 2 layers to make it very intense, 22 shades
  • Bonus: doubles as a cream shadow
  • Cons: different shades have  different textures

I am simply in love with these liners. Tarte offers so many different colors for these liners that it was nearly impossible for me to choose only three. I am happy with my choices and can’t wait until this goes on sale again so I can add to my collection.


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