Tarte Creasless Concealer

This concealer is a very interesting one. I have never found a concealer that would not crease. Until now, that is. It has an adorable packaging that is very feminine with a sleek tube. Flowers on the cap are a very pretty topper and a detail that adds to the overall cuteness. The same goes for the lettering on the tube itself.

Tarte’s Creaseless Concealer has a thin dofa applicator to make sure that imperfections are covered and just enough product is used without waste. The product itself felt a little odd on my skin when I first swatched it. It has a thick consistency and it seems to be very oily as well. At first, I thought it was strange, but then I realized that product description did state that this concealer has oil infused in it. This is a great thing for anyone who needs a little moisturizing boost for their skin. As to the coverage, it is impressive. The picture below shows initial swipe on the right and how it looks blended out on the left.

Shade: 10N Fair

Once it was applied to the under eyes it smoothly blended into the foundation. The attention-grabbing aspect of this concealer is that it is supposed to be careless. With that thought I skipped baking my under eyes on the first try and moved on to creating my eye look. That went a lot more messy than I expected. The fallout from the shadows stuck to the concealer and there was no getting it off. I had to start from scratch. The only option I had was setting it with some powder, otherwise, the stickiness would also catch all the dust thrown at me. That day went by as smoothly as this concealer applied. There was no major need for any touch-ups and the concealer stayed put. It did live up to its name and stayed crease free.

The whole idea of this concealer is a great concept. It is very beneficial to the skin as it improves its hydration, and makes makeup look more glowy and healthy by having oil infused into the formula. The creaseless part seems to be more designed for a dual role as concealer and eyeshadow base. The size of the tube is about that of a lipgloss or liquid lipstick, which is not very much for the price of it.

So lets get to the overview

  • Price: $26
  • Formula: oily, hydrating, slightly sticky, very thick, dewy finish
  • Longevity: 12hr+
  • Blendability: easily blends and combines with
  • Coverage: full, 30 shades
  • Bonus: does not crease, great as an eyeshadow base
  • Cons: catches all fallout without setting with powder, heavier feel

This concealer is not my favorite but it is a good one. If it did not feel so heavy on my under eyes, I do believe that I would wear it every day.


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