July 2018 Yes,Oh Yas! Unboxing

Yes, Oh Yas! Is a monthly beauty subscription. For a monthly price of 14.99$ + shipping, you will get 3-7 full sized items that equal or exceed 85$ in value. If you complete a year of subscribing, they will send you a box that has a very high value. I subscribed only recently and I am excited for every item that comes.

On to the box!

Each month I do my best to keep all my subscription boxes a surprise, but it’s not always easy when I’m on social media so often. For this month I spoiled the gorgeous palette for myself. At that point, I knew that I have to scroll very carefully through my feed. This month’s items were four makeup items and one skin care item; all of them were full size.

1. The first item that I pulled out was a face wash. The ingredients seemed to be oils and natural plant-based material so for someone with combo/mostly dry skin this was perfect. This face wash is supposed to be exfoliating, but it is very smooth in texture. The morning after first use I noticed whiteheads and dryness on my chin so I’m not really sure that it is a right product for me.

2. At first, I expected this to be an oddly colored eyeliner, but then I actually read what it was. I don’t use lip liners often because I don’t feel like it’s necessary with the lip products that I use. This color is a warm nude. I figured that this would make a great gradient lip with some lip gloss.


3. Of course, a beauty box would not be complete without some eyeliner. This one, however, was a very pleasant surprise. The color was a NOT black but a gorgeous plum. When I swatched it the product came out smoothly. The thickness could be controlled by the amount of pressure applied. The best part about this liner was that it would not budge when I rubbed my finger over it.


4. I don’t really know why but  I got very excited when I saw this lipstick. I think the packaging was just adorable. It seemed to be a little short in size, but on the inside, it was a full-sized lipstick! And such a gorgeous color too. I should not have been surprised since Yes, Oh Yas! is a subscription that sends out full sized items. I know I would wear this lipstick often but my mom was also looking for something with a metallic finish so I will be passing it on to her when she comes back from vacation.



5. Now, on to the item that was spoiled for me. Well, not really “spoiled” but I did know that it was going to be in this month’s box. I was still super happy to receive it and play with the colors. They are warm and gorgeous. Even though I have never been anywhere near a desert, these shadows make me feel like the desert beauty has come to me. Since this palette is available in IBY store, I am planning on making a more detailed review later on.

20180721_1427278168573467623881591.jpg     20180721_1428452001115038452300605.jpg

So let’s get to the overview!

I was pretty happy with this month’s box. My favorite item was the palette and the face wash found its way on the opposite side, unfortunately. This box was advertised to have a retail value of $107. Here is the breakdown:

  • Jivi Exfoliating Face Wash – $18
  • Perse Mineral Lip Liner – $23
  • Scone Insanely Tattooed Eyeliner – $19
  • Sorme Natural Lipstick – $22
  • IBY Desert Vibe 12 color palette – $25

The theme for this month is very well represented by all the items. Some were more of a miss for me than others, but the value of the box far exceeds the cost of it.


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