Doucce Punk Volumizer mascara

One thing that seems to be a staple of subscription boxes is mascara. Whether it is a sample, deluxe, or full-size they find a cozy place in the boxes I get on a monthly basis. This, however, had to be most interesting. For one, the tube was pretty large with a very thick applicator handle. Design of it was very simple. White writing is beautifully contrasted with black tube background, and the red cap was shaped like a rectangle with scooped (for lack of better description) top.

The applicator itself was a surprise, but one I should have anticipated judging but the rest of the product. It was a very, very large brush. It was almost intimidating to see in comparison to my eye, especially with so much product on the bristles. The formula was visibly smooth but very stringy. The tip of this brush pulled much more product than necessary. It was clumped. There was no way to apply this without wiping off the excess.

Applying this mascara to a finished look came with casualties. My eyeshadow took a lot of blows, but that could be fixed by waiting until the product dries and scraping it off with a spoolie.  The wand did an amazing job at separating my lashes and distributing the product evenly. At the second coat, the lashed were much thicker but a little stuck together especially where the end of the brush touched.

This mascara is not waterproof so I was worried about it “flaking” off my lashes. Throughout the day there was fallout but not an overwhelming amount of it. At the end of the day, it was pretty easy to take off with my oil based makeup remover. I had to take an additional cleansing closer to the base of my lashes where the product seemed to find a home.

So let’s get to the overview

  • Price: $24
  • Formula: thick, shiny on bristles, stringy coming out of the tube
  • Application: very large brush, excess product needs to be wiped on the tube
  • Wear: separates lashes on the first coat, second coat thickens lashes but also clumps them, minimal flaking
  • Bonus: easy to take off
  • Cons: large brush makes it difficult to apply without getting the product on eyelids

Even though this mascara did not fully meet the hopes I had, it still proved to be a very good mascara. I like using it every day because it can stay put through the day with minimum flaking. For a mascara it seems pretty regular, the packaging held much more hype.


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