Del Sol color changing nail polish

There are many different brands that came out with temperature change nail polish, so what makes this one different? Well, this one does not change color with heat. The change is activated by UV light or just regular stepping outside in the sun. How awesome is that? And how did I manage to find them? It was not me entirely (or at all) who discovered these. A friend of mine was looking to expand his collection of shirts when he came upon a company called Del Sol. They mostly specialize in UV color-changing clothing, but they also have a section dedicated to color changing nail polishes. As soon as I had access to the internet I had to check out these polishes. They were something that I have not seen. All of the colors were advertised to change into something different. Some colors varied significantly and some a little less so, but all of them stunning.

It took me a while but I finally got to order a few. Thankfully I was able to find not only a couple of the nail polishes on sale but also a coupon for 30% off and free shipping. SCORE! I finished up my order and started the waiting game. For about a week I was nearly sitting by my mailbox. At that point, I already forgot what colors I ordered so once the actual package came it was almost like a surprise or a mystery box. Once the box was opened I rushed outside to see the change in color. It took a while for the shift to happen, but I was sure it was due to so much polish trying to absorb the light at once. I figured that if I really wanted to portray the change I should use the UV light that I had for gel polishes. It worked… kind of. Some of them were more absorbing than others.

Indoor vs Outdoor color shift

Chasing Rainbows

This color is a pretty pink with greenish-blue iridescence. Once it absorbs UV light it darkens to a purple with a blue iridescence. The stickers on the cap indicate that the pink is supposed to turn blue. The advertised change did not happen, but the difference in colors is still significant.


Double Take

A nice green shade with orange-red shimmer in its formula. In the sun the shimmer is supposed to take over in color and the green is supposed to be redder. It took a lot of sunlight and a UV lamp to just turn the polish the color that the picture represents.


Perfectly Pastel

The polish that I had most hopes for. The advertised change was from a pastel sky-blue to vanilla-mint green. I thought that the change did not happen because of the clouds so off to the nail lamp I went. After well over 30 seconds there was still no change in color.



Live Love Sparkle

On to the color that I was most excited to see in sunlight. This creamy white with colorful sparkling glitter reminded me so much of vanilla frosting with sprinkles on a cupcake. In the sunlight, the color turned from vanilla to blueberry and it only gave me one idea: cupcake nail art.


Spring Stroll

The name of this shade is a gorgeous representation of its name. This pearly green shade turns into beautiful pearly pink. Those two shades just put summer into mind.


So let’s get to the overview

Price: $10
Formula: medium thin
Application: soft bristles on a medium, oval brush contour nails of different shapes and sizes, at least 3 coats needed to make color completely opaque
Wear: starts chipping slightly after 4 days of continuous work, very fine cracks visible throughout after 5 days
Bonus: UV light activated color change
Cons: not all colors change to what is advertised

The excitement of this nail polish still has not worn off even after two weeks. If the color change factor was not at play I would most likely still consider buying a couple of colors just on the basis of them being very pretty. Quality wise this nail polish is average for the price. The main catching point is the UV activated color change. THAT is what makes it unique. I have never come across anything like it and in the future, I plan on expanding this small nail polish collection. I really hope that Del Sol will come out with new colors and that they will work out the kinks with the ones they already have.


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