Ofra Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick

There is nothing better than a lipstick that lives up to its reputation. Ofra has so many different shades that it is tough to choose just one. Luckily, I did not have to make that choice. This Ofra lipstick came to me in an Ipsy bag a couple of months back. I was filled with excitement because of the brand’s reputation. Everyone seems to love them and now I got the chance to find out what they are all about.

First I want to talk about the packaging. I’ve looked a lot all over and it seems that the round tube with a black cap was either discontinued or upgraded to a rectangular one with a white cap. I will stick to the second option since the shade that I received in my Glam Bag is still available in the rectangular packaging. Either way, I am planning to get a hold of the new one in the same shade to compare the formula and not just the packaging.


Shade: Verona

The color seems a lot darker once applied on skin than it does in its tube. It is not the lighting when I took the picture, even though the difference is not as significant. It applies very smoothly and more viscous than some other liquid lipsticks. The coverage is fully opaque in just one layer and spreads without feathering. The applicator is a smaller dofa which make the application more precise. Once the lipstick dries it turns into a matte finish. NOrmally matte lipsticks are very drying but not this one. It had a very comfortable wear, despite it being far from moisturizing. Another thing that stood out was that it did not accentuate all the fine lines in lips. Best of all, it felt very natural. Halfway through the day I finally realized that I have a lipstick on and should probably check for that unflattering lip mustache. I was glad to find out the color loss was minimal at best. The worst that happened was that the waterline got a little more defined. Normally I do not like adding a second layer of a liquid lipstick because it tends to never dry or leave a very sticky feel on the lips. Unfortunately, this lipstick followed suit. The sticky lip feel was not a very intense one but definitely not most comfortable. The best solution would be to just take off the first layer and apply a fresh one.

So lets’ get to the overview

  • Price: $20
  • Formula: thin, matte finish,  not overly drying
  • Longevity: 6hr+, slight fading in color throughout the day
  • Blendability: does not budge once dried
  • Pigment: one swipe gives a fully pigmented coverage, 67 shades
  • Bonus: comfortable wear, lots of shades
  • Cons: could be either discontinued or in a new packaging

This lipstick has a comfortable wear and great pigment. It is great for longer days out. This specific color may not be a great shade for me but judging it by all the other aspects it is a great liquid lipstick. The only reason why I do not mark this one down as my holy grail is the price.


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