Too Faced Better Than (Birthday) Sex mascara

As soon as Too Faced announced their 20th-anniversary collection I jumped on board of that train. Until yesterday, I was convinced that I will have to save the reviews for this collection for another week. The timing of the package coming in the mail just happened to be perfect. It was right at my door moments before I started my makeup routine. That gave me such a great opportunity to try out the shadows, lipsticks, and the limited edition mascara. Last three days of posting for the week I reserved for just those.

I wanted to start off with the Better Than Birthday Sex mascara because it seems like only the packaging was upgraded to a birthday glitter tube. I say only as if it was a meh type of thing, but in reality, I am glad that this was the only thing that is different about it. If the formula was different and I ended up loving it I want to be able to purchase it again. If it was a limited time thing it would be here for a while and POOF and it’s gone. The packaging was still a soft pink shade but with added sparkle, which is just as adorable as the original.

The brush of this mascara has a unique hourglass brush as an applicator. At first, I thought that it will cause trouble closer to the inner and outer corners. THose places need precision and a large tip seems hardly precise. I’m glad to admit that I did not need much practice using this brush. I coated my lashes on the first use without getting mascara all over my eyeshadow. Yay for me! The application was extremely easy and mess free.

For best effect, the packaging said to apply three coats. I tried to do just that. After the second coat my lashes have never looked better, and at the third really brought out that “false lashes” look. They seemed to be a lot thicker and longer one by one. There was no spidery look to them. Just gorgeous. They stayed like that throughout the whole day. There was no crusting and flaking off, and definitely no fallout on my cheeks. Even though this does not claim to be waterproof it is definitely moisture resistant… to a point of course. I did not have any raccoon eyes at the end of the day despite the heat and humidity of a closed warehouse.

So let’s get to the overview

  • Price: $24
  • Formula: non-clumping, lengthening, and thickening
  • Application: hourglass-shaped brush applicator, three coat for full effect
  • Wear: 12hr+, does not flake or clump lashes
  • Bonus: defines each lash individually
  • Cons: n/a

All the hype about this mascara and I fell right in. Good thing I landed on a soft padding. Yes, that is a good thing. All that I heard about this mascara going above and beyond expectations proved to be true. I was very surprisingly impressed by the quality and performance of this mascara. I highly recommend this to anyone and everyone.

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