Too Faced Throwback lipstick

Part two of my Too Faced 20th-anniversary collection haul! This review will be of one of the reimagined original shades. I love all kinds of lipsticks even if they are the bullet styled one. This one has an adorable glitter packaging that matches the shade of the lipsticks. The tube is a gold color on the inside and on one side it has the original logo, and on the opposite is the current one. The design is very eye catching and classic as well as glamorous.

The first swatch of the lipstick was very pigmented and the color came off somewhat of a mix between shimmer and metallic. Once it was on my lips it seemed to shift towards the shimmer part, but still, it was very much the mix of the two finishes. Unlike metallic finish, it did not highlight all the dips and grooves of the lip, but also the shine was too intense for just a shimmer. It is definitely one of the more unique finishes that I have come across.

Shade: Hot Flash

Feel of this lipstick was very creamy, light, and very moisturizing. It truly felt like a cross between a lipstick and a balm. Throughout the day I had to reapply it multiple times because it seemed to absorb very quickly. The color that was left behind faded as did the moisture. I was disappointed to notice that with eating and trying to stay hydrated more and more lipstick was thining out. On the bright side, it did not rub off into that lips mustache. While it was slowly fading out, the edges of my lip had most of the product still on and the inner edge had almost nothing.

I came across one small problem with the wear of this lipstick. It was impossible to keep this lipstick from smearing. Every now and then I ended up with pink patches on my face. Also, I had to be careful with my hair. If a stray strand waved in front of my face there was a good chance that it would act as a paintbrush with lipstick as paint.

So lets’ get to the overview

  • Price: $22
  • Formula: creamy, does not feather, moisturizing
  • Longevity: 4hrs, sooner if eating or drinking
  • Blendability: works well with glosses
  • Pigment: 1 coat for an opaque coverage, shimmer-metallic, 10 shades
  • Bonus: a reimagined version of the original is a pretty cool idea
  • Cons: definitely transferable and easy to smear

These lipsticks have a great finish or at least the one shade that I got does. I still can not decide whether the finish is shimmer or metallic, but what over it is it’s stunning. One thing that I wish was better is the longevity. If it was not for that one detail, I would even consider it a holy grail. This Throwback lipstick is a good addition to any makeup collection.


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