Too Faced Then & Now palette

For the grand finale of this review week: the Too Faced Then & Now palette!

From the pictures, the palette seemed a lot smaller than in reality. A LOT smaller. It is the length of my forearm and I expected something that would be the size of my palm. The packaging follows the glitter theme that was also featured in the lipsticks and the mascara. The color closely resembles (if it is not the same) color of the Better Than (Birthday) Sex mascara packaging. The iconic eyes are not painted on but made from a raised leathery material. It creates a beautiful detail on a glittery pink background. The brand’s name is painted directly on the palette top with a black color.

When the palette is opened the first thing that is noticeable (other than the color) is the scent. It smells amazingly like birthday cake. I love anything that is scented especially if it smells sugary or food-like. Yummy! For the longest time I could not stop smelling these shadows. I know it sounds weird but they are just that good.

Two of the pans on the inside are actually holding two different shades, so instead of 20 shades, there are actually 22! The original ones are laid out on top and right beneath those are the re-imagined ones. They are all on one palette which is great, considering that they could have been sold as two separate palettes.

The top original shades are composed of pearly and shimmer shades.


Shades: Twinkie, Pixie Dust, Dirt Bag, Rizzo, Zsa Zsa, Temper Temper, Trixie, Trixie, VIllain, Ooh and Ahh


The bottom re-imagined shades seemed to be mostly glitter and matte.


Shades: Glitter Donut, Lost Boys, NSFW, Gretchen, Reality Star, I Can’t Even, Gigi, Shady Bitch, Chill Out, Ooh La La

Creating a look with these shades was easy. Blending was smooth and the shadows had a very comfortable feel to them. Unfortunately, there was fallout in the pan, but with a very gentle movement, it could be picked up on a brush without having to waste product. I had a slight issue with the shade Lost Boys. I was going to use it as a deep green shadow, but it turned out to look more of a charcoal with green glitter. Overall I was happy with the look I created and even happier when it lasted for a whole day with no issues.


So lets’ get to the overview

  • Price: $59
  • Formula: soft, slight fallout but not much, luxurious feel
  • Longevity: 12hr+
  • Blendability: easy to blend shadows without completely mixing them
  • Pigment: very intense but buildable with softer touch can be blendable, 20 shades (22 if the split shades are counted as two)
  • Bonus: limited edition, smells like birthday cake
  • Cons: shade Lost Boys is slightly misleading when swatching versus how it applies

I really like the concept of original shades and reimagined shades being on one palette and not two separate ones. The formula and wear is very comfortable. Scented shadows made the whole process of creating a look that much more relaxing. All the colors are very glamorous so I’m not sure if this would be for someone who likes a toned down looks.

  1. Agree that this probably isn’t for someone that likes toned down looks. Great review! It interesting that Lost Boys isn’t exactly how it appears in the pan.



  2. Oh I want this palette so bad, but I feel like I just want it because of how cute it is and not because I would actually use it.



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