Bang Beauty blush

Ever since I was introduced to this brand I fell in love. The packaging itself feels a little on the cheap side but the product inside is not to be judged by its outside. The same goes for this specific product. This blush has a small, square packaging with silver logo against a gray background. Material that the packaging is made of feels a somewhat light. On the inside, there is a mirror but it is not exactly big enough to complete a full look. I would work well for mid-day touch ups though. Unfortunately, I dropped this blush on the floor and the part securing the lid shut chipped off. Since that little accident, I am not able to take it with me on date nights or anywhere out.

The blush has a very powdery and soft feel to it. It is almost comparable to running a finger against a velvet fabric. A shimmery fabric … one that rubs off on the skin. Once brushed onto the cheek, it turns into a beautifully peachy shimmer. Well, this specific color does anyway. It looks so pretty that it could be worn alone for a softer yet glamorous look

Shade: Smoked Peach

The application is like a dream. A little most definitely goes a long way. The blush feels amazing on the skin and lasts for a decent amount of time. Unfortunately, with more activity, it starts wearing off a bit quicker. This product was just made to upgrade any look into a glowy dream.

So lets’ get to the overview

  • Price: $20
  • Formula: powdery and velvety to the touch, shimmer-metallic finish, significant amount of fallout
  • Longevity: 6hr, shimmer particles start disappearing sooner
  • Blendability: easy to blend out, shimmer spreads all over the cheek while blending, best if used with a smaller blush brush to avoid spreading the shimmer too much
  • Pigment: decent intensity, buildable, 8 shades
  • Bonus: I double it as an eyeshadow
  • Cons: small size, packaging feels cheap

I fall more and more in love with this brand every time I get to play with their new products. I love the quality that is packed into such a small amount. I am looking forward to getting new products from Bang Beauty to add to my collection.


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