Supernatural Join The Hunt Monster Guide eyeshadow palette + Supernatural brush set

As I was on the prowl for more amazing makeup items, I thought I’d visit a store that I haven’t been in since high school: Hot Topic. They have all sort of novelty items including makeup. As soon as I saw the supernatural section I I squealed. They had all sorts of buttons, clothes, and of course makeup. This palette specifically. The brushes too, but it was mostly this palette that caught my eye. One – Supernatural, and two – colorful eyeshadows. It was a win-win product and I just had to have it.

The brushes were just a must, even though they were not the best quality. To my surprise, they did not feel stiff. They were unusually soft. At least they did not feel scratchy. I did not expect the shadows to be up there with all the other beauty products. Together they make the most perfect set. And of course, they somewhat satisfied my obsession with Supernatural for the time being. I decided on not using the brushes. I did not want to ruin them with shadows. They seemed more appropriate to be used as display pieces.

Shades: Jefferson Starships, Vampire, Vetala, Rugaru, Crowley, Skinwalker, Ghouls, Phoenix, Djin, Werewolf, Lucifer, Abaddon

The shadows seemed very powdery to the touch and had a lot of fallout in the pan when used with a brush. Swatches did not give an intense pigment. For the purpose of reviewing I always use eyeshadows without a primer, but in this case, I would not be able to create ANY look without it. The pigment was very sheer and not very buildable. When I tried to apply a second layer to intensify the color, the brush just thinned out the previous layer in patches. It was very difficult to blend the shadows together without having them mix into one.

After all that hard work to create a passable look it was finally time to put it to the last test. I was hoping that at least something would pull through. No such luck, not only did I have to apply an eyeshadow base to get minimal color, I also needed it for the few hours that it stayed on. The patches disappeared quicker, leaving a very odd pattern of “shadow baldness”.

I could not possibly jump to the overview without mentioning the brush that came with the palette. It is stiff but not harsh. When used with this eyeshadow palette it scratches the product creating even more fallout, but it is great when used as a packing brush with other eyeshadows.

So lets’ get to the overview

Price: $14.90
Formula: chalky, powdery
Longevity: 4hr or less
Blendability: shadows blend into one, difficult to layer
Pigment: very sheer, 13 shades
Bonus: Supernatural, yay!
Cons: difficult to work with these shadows

This shadow palette is mostly just a novelty item. Shadows are not the best of quality and once again, difficult to work with. The only reason I would EVER recommend this palette is only for the Supernatural aspect.

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