City Color Photo Chic foundation

I am always up for any and all kinds of makeup. This one, however, I was very hesitant to get despite its low price tag. The bottle is solid white with the shade printed on a sticker. That is where I found the problem with the packaging. There is nothing wrong with a clear bottle or at least a small window to let the actual color show through. While ordering this product online I had a very difficult time matching my shade. All I had to go on was the sticker. Not only is it difficult to tell shades through a monitor, it is even more difficult to trust a printed sticker. However, I was intrigued by this brand and needed to build up my order for free shipping, so I checked out my order and waited for the package.

When I opened the box and pulled out the bottle I was somewhat relieved that the printed color was what I expected. The packaging itself felt a little light, giving it a cheap feeling. The design was a very unique one. Unique to me anyway. THere is no product poking its way through. The bottle is a solid white plastic with black lettering and of course the shade sticker. It has a pump nozzle that is topped with a clear cap

Once the first pump came out I realized how off the shade was. It was at least two shades lighter than what it was supposed to be judging from the bottle. Even on the website, the pictures of the shades were misleading. This is one of many events where a verbal description of the shade would be more useful than simple pictures. City Color had this item described as

“… oil free foundation that gives you a medium to full coverage and a demi-matte finish…”

I always look for foundations that are as full as possible without being too heavy and oily on my face. Right from the start, I had my doubts about the foundation being medium to full coverage as it was described on the website. The runny liquid seemed way to thin to be able to cover up. Not to my surprise, I was correct. The coverage was very sheer and layering was not working very well. It seemed that only the first layer applied and that was the only thing that would stay.

Shade: Porcelain

Since the shade that I bought was so much lighter than my skin, I was not able to test the product to its fullest potential. I mean, I could but it would make me look like I just came back from the dead, which is not a very flattering look for me. To save this foundation I thought I would mix it with one of my other ones to at least mix in some color so I would be able to see how it performs. To my pleasant surprise, the finished outcome came out better than I expected. The formula of this City Color’s foundation mixed with my Too Faced Born This Way foundation created a flawless and natural skin tone that held up throughout the day without separating, caking, or rubbing off. Best of all, I was able to layer this mixed formula to achieve the desired coverage.

So lets’ get to the overview

Price: $7.99
Formula: thin, semi hydrating,  matte
Longevity: 6hr, starts fading most on the cheeks when worn alone
Blendability: mixes well with other foundations
Coverage: light to medium
Bonus: when mixed with other foundations makes the texture look more natural
Cons: coverage and shades not as described, not a wide variety of shades

This foundation left me less than impressed by itself. I feel like I have been severely misled by the product’s description. One good thing was that when this foundation is mixed with others it seems to give the overall look a nice and natural texture. Other than that I could not find more reason why this foundation would appeal to me.


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