City Color Inner Rim Auto Liner

With the last two items being not exactly the best, I am hoping to break that streak with this eyeliner. It is a very unique item since it is specifically designed for the waterline of the eyes to make them appear larger. It is designed to be used just like a regular eyeliner.


The consistency of this eyeliner is very creamy and smooth. The tip feels very firm but not harsh at all.  It glides on the waterline with ease. It is best to apply it before mascara, unlike I did the first time. This eyeliner makes any eye look brighter and more defined. The eyes just pop.

One problem that I found is that through the day the eyeliner tends to shift towards the lash line. As it shifts it starts to collect at the lashes and clumps ever so slightly at the root with mascara. THere is a difficulty with reapplying this eyeliner for a touch-up. The tip gets on the lashes and coats them as well as the water line. I also tried using it to clean up any mascara that might have accidentally gotten onto my waterline. That did not work as planned. The mascara smudged into a gray color which did the opposite of making my eyes pop.

So let’s get to the overview

Price: $3.99
Formula: hard creamy and smooth
Application: pencil type, used on waterline like a regular eyeliner
Wear: 4hr, shifts towards lashes while it wears down
Bonus: great for every eye look
Cons: only one shade

I may not have searched far and deep enough, but this eyeliner is the first of its kind that I have come across. There are plenty of white eyeliners but this shade seems to look more natural.


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