August 2018 Boxycharm unboxing

My favorite box of the month – Boxycharm! It is a monthly beauty subscription where for 21$ they send 5-6 FULL-SIZE makeup and skin care items, as well as tools such as brushes. Boxes have a set theme, but some of the products may vary based on a beauty profile filed by the subscriber. Value of the box has always been over 100$ ever since I started subscribing. There is a discount for a longer commitment at 3, 6, and 12 months. In my opinion, it is highly worth it.

This month’s box had two skin care items, three makeup items, and one makeup accessory. In my personal preference I would love to have only makeup items in a subscription box but from what BOxycharm presented of itself it usually includes at least one skin care item.

On to the items!

1. Wander Beauty eye masks

Unlike face masks, I feel like eye masks have not much if any effect on my skin. I much prefer a cream or a gel to get rid of any puffiness.

2. HOuse of LAshes lashes

These look very natural and just made for a soft look. I wish I actually had some lash glue to try these on. I’m not an expert in putting lashes on, the only time I was able to get them on properly I documented on Instagram. I’m always glad to have a pair around so I can practice. I am also open to suggestions on a type of glue that is good or at least decent to use.

3. Adesse nail oil

I love any nail items that I get in a subscription box. This nail oil is no different. Coming back from this vacation I will definitely need something to revive my cuticles. NOt that I am doing something extreme with my nails, it’s that I forgot to bring my nail oil with me.

3. Bang Beauty gel eyeliner

I love anything from Bang Beauty, but this eyeliner had me surprised. The consistency was very dry. While putting this eyeliner on I could not get a smooth application. I guess I still have to play around with it before I completely cross it off my list.


4. Smashbox liquid lipstick

I love all sorts of lip products. I had a bullet style lipstick from Smashbox and I liked everything about it but the feathering. This liquid lipstick does not seem to have that problem. The formula seems very nice and color also suits my taste.


5. Laura Lee Los Angeles Party Animal eyeshadow palette

OMG YES! Eyeshadows are my favorite thing to get in a subscription box. especially when they are colorful and vibrant. These swatched beautifully with a lot of pigment.


So let’s get to the overview

Boxycharm has delivered again! The value of the box is always so much greater than the actual cost of it. Many times there is a single item that completely covers the cost of the box itself. Usually, they send out five items but this box featured six of them!

  • Wander Beauty Baggage Claim Gold eye masks – $13
  • House Of Lashes falsies – $12
  • Adesse New York Sweet Almond Cuticle Oil – $18
  • Bang Beauty Chocolate Eyeliner – $22
  • Smashbox liquid lipstick – $24
  • Laura Lee Los Angeles Party Animal eyeshadow palette – $19

This is only one of many variations of the box. The selection may not be as wide as the one of Ipsy Glam Bag, but it has full sized items and the products are always amazing. This months box is already sold out and to subscribe to Boxycharm there is a waiting list. I don’t know about other subscribers but when I subscribed I got the following month’s box. To someone who is on a budget and a makeup addict subscription boxes are the way to go.


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