August 2018 Yes, Oh Yas! unboxing

Yes, Oh Yas! Is a monthly beauty subscription. For a monthly price of 14.99$ + shipping, you will get 3-7 full sized items that equal or exceed 85$ in value depending on current month’s selection. If you complete a year of subscribing, they will send you a box that has a very high value. I subscribed only recently and I am excited for every item that comes. As of right now, they do not have a point system.
For 10% off the first purchase use code WAREHOUSEGLAM if you decide to subscribe.

1. MaskerAide Pre-Party sheet mask

Face masks are a great way for skin to gain back the moisture that has been sucked out throughout the day, or to boost radiance in the morning. Either way, they are great. I should probably use them a little more than just once a week but I am always happy to get more in a beauty subscription.

2.Crown Brush Angle Contour Brush

So far two out of five items have been a hit and something that I love to collect. Brushes are another thing that I just can not get enough of. This specific one I already have so it will be a great addition to my brush drawer or I will pass it on to someone else.

3. Sorme Blotting Papers

I don’t normally use blotting papers so I was unsure how I liked this item. These are convenient It did what it was supposed to, but I do not think that my skin is oily enough to carry blotting papers with me.

4. Laqa & Co Cloud Lips

Yay for lippies! This one has a very creamy consistency and a gorgeous color. It is not heavily pigmented but it can be layered for a deeper color. It is very moisturizing and delicate on lips.


5. Beauty Creations Cali Set eyeshadow palette

Palettes are a wonderful thing THe selection of colors is amazing for a neutral or a toned down look as well as an intense one. I do feel like these would be great for an everyday look. Swatches of the colors felt very smooth to the touch. This item was such an amazing thing to find in this month’s box.


So let’s get to the overview

Subscription boxes are a great way to buy great makeup while being on a budget. The only problem is that they not always send out items that hit bull’s eye 100% of the time. With that being said, all of the monthly subscriptions that I have far exceeded their cost of subscription in the value of the items sent.

  • MaskerAide Pre-Party sheet mask – $12
  • Crown Brush Angle Contour Brush – $22
  • Sorme Blotting Papers – $12
  • Laqa & Co Cloud Lips – $20
  • Beauty Creations Cali Set eyeshadow palette – $28

This month’s selection for Yes, Oh Yas! box has been amazing. Although I do prefer mostly makeup items, I am happy with this month’s selection. All of the items will definitely find a use.


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