Blueberry Peach eyeshadow look

Blue and peach are my favorite colors for an eye look. I feel like blue is a difficult color to work with, and peachy and oranges just seem to make my eye color pop. While doing my eye looks I like to bake my under eyes so that if there is any fallout from the shadows I can just brush it away at the end of the look.

1. First, start off with an eyeshadow primer. It makes a huge difference while applying eyeshadow. It stays longer and applies more pigmented.


Elizabeth Mott Thank Me Later eyeshadow primer

2. Start off with placing a matte blue shadow in the outer half of the eyelid and blend it onto the crease.



BH Cosmetics Modern Mattes palette row 4, shade 4

3. Take a deeper blue (also matte) and blend it into the inner corner. Make sure to blend it outwards to create that soft wing flick.



BH Cosmetics Modern Mattes palette row 4, shade 5

4. Highlight the brow bone with a matte white shadow. If necessary, try to blend out the edges of the blue shadow with the same brush just to gradually soften them up.



BH Cosmetics Modern Mattes palette row 1, shade 1

5. Place a shimmery peachy gold in the inner half of the eyelid. Blend well into the blue shadow, but do not go too far out of the inner half.



Meech And Mia loose pigment in shade “Beige”

6. With the tiniest bit of pigment, drag the deeper blue on the lower lash line. Blend out to slightly past halfway without adding more pigment to create a gradual fade.



BH Cosmetics Modern Mattes palette row 4, shade 5

7. Line the waterline with a light eyeliner shade such as cream or white colored and finish off with a nice coat of mascara.



City Color Inner Rim Auto Eyeliner and Julep Length Matters mascara

With the look being completed, this is the point where I brush off the loose powder from my under eyes. After that is done I do my bronzer, blush, and highlighter. It wasn’t until recently that I got myself a setting spray. That is now a final step in my makeup routine. The finished look is on my Instagram page.


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