August 2018 Color Curate unboxing

Color Curate is my most recent subscription box that is hosted (?) by So Susan. For $20.95 per month, they will send four full-sized beauty items plus a limited edition makeup bag. This subscription box had me hooked on “full size”. It is difficult to find an affordable makeup subscription that has full sized items and fits in a budget. This specific box caught my attention by having a colorful selection and a reward point system as well as a store on the website. It seems a bit pricey for only four products but the selection seems to make up for the price. Color Curate prides itself on sending out items that are 100% cruelty-free. As far as I have researched there is no variation between individual bags for a specific month.

I signed up for three months of this subscription, that way I am able to give it a good shot and formulate my decision whether to keep it or not based on selection and quality of items.

This month’s makeup bag was yellow with red flowers and blue leaves. From what I have read, all of the bags have different quotes written on them as well as the So Susan logo

Time for the items!

1. Diamond Twinkle Large Tapered Face Brush by Jelly Pong Pong

Before I went on vacation I completely forgot that I had this brush. I wish I did remember it because I really could have come in handy. It is amazing for either blush or bronzer. At least for me, it is. Also, it is so cute and reminds me of a unicorn horn. Definitely a good item to receive in a subscription.

Upon reading the little card with items I realized that this item was a bonus item for the bag.

2. Eye Candy in “Sorbet” by Trifle Cosmetics

Yay for eyeshadow! This eyeshadow duo had interesting colors. For some reason I expected them to have a dual chrome or shimmer. Turns out that the finish was metallic. This did not take away from how pretty the colors were. When I swatched the colors they came out pretty sheer. I am pretty sure that I can still make these work.


3. Lip Dew in “Coral Gloss” by So Susan

If I get any more lip products I think my lipstick drawer will collapse, but I can’t help being excited every time I do receive more. This lip “salve” reminds me of a tinted balm with a gorgeous sheer color that enhances my lips. The best part about it was that it smells completely like peaches. The packaging seemed very small but the product itself is the size of most bullet styled lipsticks.


4. Luna Light in “Liquid Ray” by Jelly Pong Pong

This is the very first liquid highlighter that I ever used. At first, it seemed so intense, but once blended in it is very, very light and natural. The finish is more metallic than glitter with a very smooth finish. I definitely need to practice a little more with it since it is easy to mess up and use too much product.


So let’s get to the overview

Subscription boxes are a great way to indulge beauty products that are full, deluxe, and sample-sized while on a budget since the value of a box of ten exceeds its cost. There are many differently priced makeup subscriptions starting at $10 and going up. I do have 4 subscriptions so far, and the only makeup items I really needed to purchase in a long time were foundation and concealer. All the other items were just things that I could not help but buy. With that being said, my collection would be fine with just items from subscription boxes if I did not plan on reviewing makeup.

At this point, I am rambling on and would like to get back to the price breakdown.

  • Diamond Twinkle Large Tapered Face Brush by Jelly Pong Pong (bonus item) – $34
  • Eye Candy in “Sorbet” by Trifle Cosmetics – $14
  • Lip Dew in “Coral Gloss” by So Susan – $19
  • Luna Light in “Liquid Ray” by Jelly Pong Pong – $19

The total value for this month’s Color Curate box is $98, which is amazing for a $20 price tag. I love getting mostly makeup items in my boxes so this subscription is right up my alley. Even though this subscription has only four items in it plus a makeup bag, I am excited to see the next months’ items.


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