BH Cosmetics Take Me Back To Brazil eyeshadow palette

Out of all the shadow palettes that BH Cosmetics has to offer, this one called me and didn’t let me resist. The colors were so vibrant, and their selection was like nothing I came across. With thirty-five colors so many looks seemed possible. I already had experience with BH Cosmetics and their shadows had me stunned. With such a great formula and wear, this palette had a high bar to jump over.

The formula of these shadows is more than amazing. They apply very smoothly. At first try, they will come out very sheer but they are more buildable with each layer applier. To intensify the color, even more, the bottom three shades will come in very handy.

Row 1

Row 2

Row 3

Row 4

Bottom 3 shades

The whole feel of the palette is very tropical and summer like. They are mostly mattes but there are some with slight shimmer. The lighter two bottom shades have a warm and a cool finish. Combined with the colors in the palette, any and all colorful looks can be created. The shades are fun, exotic, and best of all they are all in one place. The only thing that is missing is a couple of nudes to tone down a look. With those, the whole color wheel would be represented and this palette would have been the perfect everyday item.

Once applied, the shadows are nearly unnoticeable. They are very smooth and light. There is minimal fallout from the brush. Unfortunately, there is a little more fallout in the pan. This, however, can be picked up with a very gentle touch and added to a look. Bottom three shades are great for intensifying any of the other colors by deepening them with black or making them more vibrant with the lighter shades.

The best part about these shadows is that they last all day without any trouble. There is barely any fading of the shadows. I did forget to use a shadow primer for an eye look that I was doing for the day and that did not change much how they stayed on. There was barely any fading, and the colors stayed right where I originally placed them.

So lets’ get to the overview

  • Price: $18
  • Formula: soft, powdery but not chalky, very little fallout while applying but more in the pan
  • Longevity: 12hr+ without eyeshadow primer
  • Blendability: easy to blend two colors without completely mixing them, a little harder to get rid of harsher lines
  • Pigment: medium but buildable, bottom shades intensify color, 35 shades
  • Bonus: has nearly all of the colors, unique selection
  • Cons: no nudes for a toned down look

BH Cosmetics has done it again with these shadows. I have three more palettes from this that I was going to do a review on, but I have come to a conclusion through experience that I would only be repeating myself. If I continued with posting more and more reviews of BH Cosmetics’s eyeshadow palettes, my holy grail section would be flooded with mostly them. These shadows are amazing with their quality and price tag. I recommend them to anyone who is a beginner or a pro.


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