Catrice Cosmetics Aqua Ink-in-Gloss lip stain

I have tried all sorts of lipsticks, lip glosses, and oh so many more lip products but never really decided to get a lip stain. A lip stain is a very good idea, especially if it is something that will stay on for a long time. The idea of it is based on convenience and ease of wear. With a stain, there shouldn’t be any worry about the transfer of product or even smudging

I love how the name of this lip stain has the word gloss in it. How could a stain be glossy? Well, I don’t think the name was implying the final outcome but the consistency and feel of the product. It looked like a lip gloss and applied like one as well. It was smooth and very viscous. When I applied it felt like thick, cool water. I guess it could be also described as an unusually thin gel. One coat was very sheer and very patchy. It took a steady and precise hand to be able to line the lip perfectly without overlining too much.

It seems like the product could have been used as a gloss, but due to some spots being sheerer than others I decided to keep using it for its intended purpose. The swatch of the product came out wonderfully and left a very pretty stain that seemed that it could not only enhance my natural lip color but also add a little something.


With all that being said, the product applied very differently on the lips than it did when I swatched it on my arm. The stain came out much darker in the center than it did on the outer parts. It was not a gradual darkness, more of a harsh strip running across my lip. I tried fixing it by putting more product on the edges but the color would not be darker. Within minutes the color started fading from the water line, leaving a harsh line.

I was able to fix the situation with a little lip gloss, to take away from the harshness of the fade I put on lip gloss. My solution did not completely get rid of the problem but was able to mask it enough to make it through the day. Not too long into the day the color disappeared, leaving only a minuscule amount on any drier spots that I had on my lip.

So lets’ get to the overview

  • Price: $2.99
  • Formula: very thin and watery,  gel-like consistency
  • Longevity: 2hr, fades out from lip’s waterline within minutes of application
  • Application: difficult to get even coverage, sheer spots do not stain well, focuses color on drier spots of the lip
  • Pigment: sheer, patchy, 4 shades
  • Bonus: low price
  • Cons: starts fading quickly and in a very unflattering manner

This is probably something that I will not be purchasing again. I love Catrice Cosmetics because of how affordable they are, but the items are a hit or miss. I found a few items that I love, but unfortunately, this lip stain is not one of them.


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