Lorac TANtalizer baked bronzer

From what I have seen Lorac is a higher end brand. So what makes this a fantastic find? The price tag, of course! That and the fact that this product specifically could be either re-mastered or discontinued. I have looked on the Lorac website and did not see any baked bronzers. There are still a few TANtalizer bronzers, but they are all pressed powders. Regardless, I am all for a discount and if it works well it makes it that much better.

In all and complete honesty, the only reason why I ever decided on this blush was the brand. I have seen beauty gurus on YouTube use quite a bit of Lorac items and I was so curious to find out what the hype is about. From what I was able to conclude with research, this product is a travel sized item. At $6.99 that is nearly half the price of similar bronzers of the same size at the website. That is still so amazing!

I do have to make a note that the packaging took me a while too long to figure out. It did not open like a compact mirror. It swings open to the side to reveal the bronzer. The hinge and the clasp look so similar that I did not know which was the one that came apart. As soon as I figured out the trick it was a “duh” moment and I did not know how I managed to miss it.

Since this is a baked bronzer, the texture is a little harder and more compact. The color payoff is intense and it leaves a trail of shimmer behind. This is a very pretty color that is warm toned and flattering on just about anyone. It gives natural glow a boost of radiance without looking too glittery.



This bronzer applies very smoothly and creates a smooth transition when blended with a blush. It is soft when it glides on the skin and is almost undetectable. The effect is glowy and natural enhancing that creates that sun-kissed glow.

Throughout the day I did not have any problems with fading, or at least with much fading. The shade might have slightly disappeared,  but the glow remained.

So lets’ get to the overview

Price: $6.99, Marshalls find
Formula: hard to touch, smooth on the skin, shimmer finish
Longevity: 6hr, starts fading slowly
Application: smoothly blends into the skin, easy to blend with blush for a smooth transition
Pigment: medium sheer and blendable, 1 shade
Bonus: very discounted
Cons: possibly discontinued Recently I have been more into matte bronzers, but this would be really good for winter months and when the air becomes drier. It beautifully enhances skin’s natural radiance and is a great addition to my ever-growing collection.


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