Neutrogena SkinClearing Blemish Concealer

Yesterday I wrote about Neutrogena’s foundation and I feel like I needed the concealer to have a set. It may be weird but I feel like if I have one I need to get the other even though most of the time I am not able to. With that being said, I was happy to see that both of these were at such an affordable price. Just like the foundation, this concealer is supposed to help with acne and blemishes. The packaging was like any from a drug store. The shape of the applicator resembled that of any twist up lip glosses with a slanted tip. It took a long time and much twisting to get the product to come out

What I found odd about this concealer was that it had less coverage than the foundation. Usually I use concealer to touch up any dark spots that still show through the foundation but in this case, it did not seem like it would work. It did have a problem covering up the dark lines of my tattoo while it was not blended out. Not only that, but it took a lot of product to make any sort of difference over already applied foundation. It would not be too bad if there was more product in the little tube.

Even though the concealer made only a very slight color difference on my skin, I was happy with the outcome after about a week or so. I noticed that my problem areas started slowly disappearing. It could be due to the combination of both products. This concealer would be great to give any other foundation a skin clearing boost

I did have a problem with the concealer creasing in some places. Under my eyes, to be specific. this was not a huge problem, and as a matter of fact, I expected it. This is exactly why I like to bake all the areas that could be prone to creasing and caking.

So let’s get to the overview

Price: $9.99
Formula: thin, matte, creases slightly
Longevity: 12hr+, will not move once set with a setting powder
Application: slanted tip on an applicator, works well with any foundation
Coverage: sheer
Bonus: helps to clear blemishes
Cons: not pigmented enough to cover more problematic areas

I was excited to get a set of foundation and concealer, but I think that it may have been brought on too soon. This concealer helps to clear blemishes and when used with the same foundation the results are visible within a week. It seems like the best was to use this concealer is to apply some on the problem areas before the foundation.


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