5 Minute Eye look

Normally it takes me about half an hour or two YouTube videos length to do a full face look. Sometimes it is really hard for me to take that time out of my morning. In those cases, I came up with a basic go to look that I know I have done so many times that it would be difficult to mess up. It is a neutral smokey eye with a pop of shine right in the inner corner. Of course, it is topped off with a nice wing and a layer of mascara. It is my go-to look whenever I can not find colors that would go well with what I am wearing.

There are times when I am running completely late and barely have any time to myself. Just for those occasions, I found a way to simplify my go-to look and use only four items and no brushes. This look was done with two eyeshadow sticks (one light and one dark), a liquid liner, and a mascara. Now, for this look, it is not necessary to have eyebrows done but I still like to do them if I have an extra minute or two.


Step 1: Outer Corner

My first item was a dark shade. I used Manna Kadar Priming Eyeshadow Stick in S’More. I find this to work really well without a primer and it is easily blended out with a finger.

Place the dark shade in the outer corner and a little less than halfway down the eyelid. Using a finger, gently blend the shade towards the inner corner and out towards the brow bone. Make sure to not blend directly under the brow, but at the same time make sure that there are no harsh lines and the color looks even.

20180917_121131154848287249756428.jpg          20180917_1212306318239576868553137.jpg


Step 2: Inner Corner

For this step, I like to use Julep Eyeshadow 101 in shade Pearl Shimmer.

Highlight the inner corner with a light, shimmery shade. Blend out any harsh lines with a finger

20180917_1213143361211122682148722.jpg          20180917_1213374390368831161688635.jpg

Step 3: Eyeliner

With a liquid liner create a wing.

This step can be optional, but even when I am basic, I still like to be a little extra. Plus this gave me a good chance to see how a new eyeliner performs with being quick. Please excuse the very dull wing.



Butter London Stroke of WOW! roll on eyeliner


Step 4: Top It Off!

This look could not be completed without a mice few coats of Better Than Sex mascara. I find that it is one I reach for most often because it works very well with making lashes look longer and fuller.


That is all. This simple look takes at most five minutes. The most challenging part has to be creating a wing, even though this could be optional. I used to hate stick eyeshadows, but now they became a lifesaver when it’s long past the time of getting ready. As always, any products can be used to achieve this look. The ones that I listed are what works well for me, and what I have on hand.

  1. I love how simple and easy to achieve this eye look is, but it looks so lovely, definitely one of my favourites when I don’t have much time but still want to add a little something extra. Also I honestly thought you were wearing false lashes in your picture, your eyelashes are incredible! x


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    1. Thank you so much 🙂 and for the lashes I notice that they started to get longer when I started using women’s vitamins with biotin. I think it helped out a lot.

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      1. Ah that makes sense! I take a multivitamin with biotin in but I’m not sure how many grams is supposed to help? How long did it take you to notice results? X


      2. The one I use is Centrum Multi+ Beauty. It has 2500 mcg of biotin. After about two or three weeks I noticed my skin clearing up slightly and my lashes got in a way of putting on eyeliner

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      3. That’s crazy! I’ll have to check how much biotin mine has in x

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  2. This is such a pretty look 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

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    1. Thank you for reading 🙂

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