Yes, Oh Yas! September 2018 unboxing

Yes, Oh Yas! Is a monthly beauty subscription. For a monthly price of 14.99$ + shipping, you will get 3-7 full sized items that equal or exceed 85$ in value depending on current month’s selection. If you complete a year of subscribing, they will send you a box that has a very high value. I subscribed only recently and I am excited for every item that comes. As of right now, they do not have a point system.
For 10% off the first purchase use code WAREHOUSEGLAM if you decide to subscribe.

On to the items!

This month featured a unicorn card that detailed the prices on each item. Inside of a bad, there were four items. A palette, two lip products, and some brushes.

1. Naked Cosmetics Holographic Highlighter palette

This palette has some of the most wonderfully chosen. Some of them are more wearable than others but they all mix well with each other. I have received this palette in one of my other subscription boxes a few months back. The large pans really do last a long time.

This specific palette will make a great gift for someone.


2. Aesthetica Pro Series 3 piece brush set

Once again an item that I received in one of my other subscription boxes. I am still excited to have them. This set features an angled brush, a spoolie, and an angled pencil brush. Right now these are in my brush drawer waiting to be passed on to someone.

3. Glo-Stix Semi Matte Liquid Lipstick

This shade is just wow. In the tube, it did not look like it would be this dark. I guess the plum shade is well picked for the fall. Also, the scent is so sweet that it reminds me of sugary candy.


4. Chella Beauty Matte Lipstick

I don’t usually see two of the same type of items in subscription boxes, but I am not mad about this one. It is slightly the liquid lipstick. The color has a little more of a pink tone to it. I did not expect this lipstick to have a minty tingle on my lips. It was unusual but not unwelcome.


So let’s get to the overview!

Even though this month’s box featured two lip products and two items that I already owned, I am very happy with the selection of products.

  • Naked Cosmetics Holographic Highlighter palette – $32
  • Aesthetica Pro Series 3 piece brush set – $45
  • Glo-Stix Semi Matte Liquid Lipstick – $18
  • Chella Beauty Matte Lipstick – $20

The total value of the box is $119. That is an amazing value of the price. That is the beauty of beauty subscription boxes. The value and exposure to all kinds of different products and brands. This month’s box is also an example of how the products could be a hit or miss whether they are something already owned, or maybe not the right shade. So far this has been my least favorite box for this month. I hope that next month will bring out all the crazy Halloween spirits.


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