September 2018 Boxycharm unboxing

My favorite box of the month – Boxycharm! It is a monthly beauty subscription where for 21$ they send 5-6 FULL-SIZE makeup and skin care items, as well as tools such as brushes. Boxes have a set theme, but some of the products may vary based on a beauty profile filed by the subscriber. Value of the box has always been over 100$ ever since I started subscribing. There is a discount for a longer commitment at 3, 6, and 12 months. In my opinion, it is highly worth it.

This month’s theme is Wild Flower. It looks like Boxycharm tried to pick items that really enhance the neutral beauty. Note that I used “neutral” and not “natural”. Natural beauty would be enhancing what is already there with some skincare items. This months was most definitely focused on makeup items.

On to the items!

1. Hank & Henry Liquid Lipstick in shade Petal Pusher

I am always so happy with any lipstick that comes my way. At a first glance this one looks like a creatively styled bullet lipstick but when I opened it this turned out to be a liquid lipstick. It smelled so good too! It was something similar to frosting. Not only do I have a love for lipsticks, but I also love scented products even more.

2. Butter London Stroke Of WOW! roll on eyeliner

This is something that I wanted to try for a long time. A roll on eyeliner seems to be such an easy way to apply eyeliner. From the very first use, I noticed that it will take some time to get used to applying something like this.

3. Pretty Vulgar Nightingale eyeshadow palette

The packaging of this palette is so adorable. It gives me very victorian vibes and I have to say that I do love that style. The colors may seem on the neutral end, but there are so many looks that can be created with this selection of shades. Just as my lipstick collection, my shadow collection is always welcome to expand.

4. Laura Geller Baked Blush-N-Brighten

This blush is just gorgeous. It is a very warm and peachy pink with shimmer. It comes off very powdery with lots of fallout. I have always wanted to try any product from th8is brand and I am very happy that this was an item in my September box.


5. Alamar Cosmetics Ojitos brush set

A while ago I got an eyeshadow palette from this brand and I loved it. These brushes will complement those shadows perfectly. The set includes a flat packing brush, a fluffy blending brush, and a flat liner brush. All the bases are covered for just about any look with these. They will fit in so very nicely with my ever-growing collection.

So let’s get to the overview:

Once again I am impressed with how amazing the value of Boxycharm is. Not only that, but the selection of items is really wonderful.

  • Hank & Henry Liquid Lipstick in shade Petal Pusher – $17
  • Butter London Stroke Of WOW! roll on eyeliner – $19
  • Pretty Vulgar Nightingale eyeshadow palette – $35
  • Laura Geller Baked Blush-N-Brighten – $28
  • Alamar Cosmetics Ojitos brush set – $18

I am very excited to try all of these products and see how they will hold up through the day. I loved every one of them, even though the eyeliner did give me a bit of trouble. This post is definitely late but I hope it is one you will enjoy.



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