September 2018 Ipsy unboxing

Ipsy is a 10$ per month makeup subscription. Each month they send out a Glam Bag that is filled with five makeup and skin care items based on a previously filled beauty profile. I have been subscribed since October of 2018 and I have never regretted it. One of the perks of being a subscriber is access to the Ipsy store where they have all kinds of brands from Absolute New York to Z Skin Cosmetics, and a lot of other brands in between such as MAC and Too Faced. Items sold at are eligible for Ipsy cash, which is up to 30% cash back (depending on the brand). As a bonus perk, Ipsy offers weekday deals that are even up to 95% off of their original value. Well, that one time it did. It mostly ranges from 50% to 75%, which is still a super awesome deal.

Let’s get back to the goodies!

The bag for this month was a very cute and simple one. It was black with gold details and white eyelashes printed on the front

1.  Luxie Beauty Wonder Woman Detail Tapered Blender 140

Last time that I have received a makeup brush I left a comment that I would like to see a brush that is different from the “standard” highlighting and blending brushes. They did deliver! This cone-shaped brush is not like any that I have and I would love to play around with it. It has very soft bristles and will definitely get used a lot.

2. 111Skin Space Defense Bright Eye Lift Gel

It’s like the people at Ipsy knew that I ran out of my eye cream. The timing of this eye gel coming in the mail was just perfect. I am super excited to have received it in this month’s bag. This gel seems absorbs very quickly into the skin and does not leave any uncomfortable residue.

3. Trestique Mini Lip Glaze in Mumbai Magenta

The packaging of this lippie is just adorable. When I pulled it out of the bag I had a slight panic moment. I thought the top got loose somewhere in the bag. Turned out that the opened tip was just the way this lipstick was styled. The bright pink color was pretty much right in the shade range that I use every day.


4. Doucce Cheek Blush in RSVP

I wanted to try a blush, bronzer, or eyeshadows from Doucce for a long while now.  I was super excited about this blush. The color is so similar to my natural blushing cheeks. I love that it is a single pan because I have been wanting to add to my magnetic palette.


5. IBY eyeshadow in Fire & Ice

The packaging is not something that I have come across before when it came to single shadows. It is very slim and barely larger than the product itself. The shade is very interesting. It is dark with cool shimmering glitter. I’m not sure how I would use it, but when I will figure it out I will definitely make a tutorial.


So let’s get to the overview!

With each month Ipsy customizes the Glam Bag based on a beauty profile and comments from previous months. It is my all-time favorite subscription because the value of the products is amazing even if the items are mostly samples

  • Luxie Beauty Wonder Woman Detail Tapered Blender 140 – $20
  • 111Skin Space Defense Bright Eye Lift Gel – $190 for full size (!)
  • Trestique Mini Lip Glaze in Mumbai Magenta – $25 for full size
  • Doucce Cheek Blush in RSVP – $28 for full size
  • IBY eyeshadow in Fire & Ice – $9 for full size

The most shocking thing about this bag was the price of the eye gets. I will definitely miss it when it will be gone. It has been a while since I received this Glam Bag and I had enough time to try out all the products over time. The eye gel came to be my most favorite thing that came in any of the Glam Bags. With all the late hours at work, it does well to take care of the baggage. All the other items are also wonderful and I love to have them in my collection.

Limited Time! NO WAITLIST! (referral link)

Normally when someone wants to sign up for the Glam Bag they have to go through a process of a waiting list. When I logged in last night I had a screen pop up that said the waiting list has been temporarily removed. The catch was that it within the next 48 hours, and only through a referral link from someone who is already subscribed, such as myself. For every person who signs up, I would be getting points and the person signing up would be getting the next Glam Bag that ships out. It’s a win-win!

If Ipsy is something that You find interesting and are tempted by these Glam Bags, this is a good time to try them without the suspense of thinking that this may be the month to get off the waiting list.


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