Julep Night Fright mystery box unboxing

Julep is a Korean skincare and makeup brand, with a heavy emphasis on nail polish. I have to say that we have a history. They have such amazing shade selection for the polishes. It was what got me to sign up for their monthly box. In addition to the subscription, I would always order their mystery box whenever they would come out with one. Over time I decided to cancel the monthly box because I wanted to try other subscriptions, but they still had me coming back for their mystery boxes. Over a few of those, I realized that a lot of the items are repeating. I don’t know how they did it, but I keep coming back for more.

On to the items!

Fright Night was titled specifically for upcoming Halloween, or at least that is what it seems. The selection was perfect for the spooky season. This mystery box featured a selection of four nail polishes, two makeup items, and one sheet of nail decals.

1. When Pencil Met Gel eyeliner in shade Electric Teal Shimer

Every time I order a mystery box from Julep I can expect one of three things and an eyeliner is one of them. This color is one that I do not have yet. It is pretty and it really makes my eyes pop. I really like how the formula is so silky smooth and it just glides on with ease. With a little help of an angles brush, I can create a smoky wing that will not move once it sets.


2. Skip The Brush creme blush stick in shadeMoonlit Sand

I love these blushes. They are creamy and have a powder finish. They come in so many different shades but this one is the third time that I got in a mystery box. It is a nice shade but it seems to work better on my skin tone as a highlighter once it is blended out


3. Nail Polish in shade Sam – It Girl

This color is such a great color for Halloween, even if it is a little on the bright side. It is a green-yellow creme color. Another double (it was revealed so I knew I would be getting this shade), but I know just the person who I want to give it to!

4. Nail Polish in shade Fleur – It Girl

Another one of the colors that I already have, but I see why it was included in a box that was Halloween themed. It is a black polish with blue and yellow non-shiny glitters. The black base is somewhat sheer so it would make sense to include a nail polish that could resemble a spooky night sky or a smoky night.

5. Nail Polish in shade Aradia – Boho Glam

This nail polish is so beautiful. It may look like a black nail polish on the outside, but the real magic is what comes off the brush. It looks like roughly cut up black confetti in a clear polish. I believe this is the nail polish they had listed as a brand new one.

6. Nail Polish in shade Dalia – Boho Glam

This double was one I was actually very happy about. It has to be my and my sister’s favorite shade. It is very deep, nearly black purple with blue iridescence. My sister will be very happy to get this brand new bottle.

7. Halloween themed Nail Decals

These are shiny, spooky, and perfect for Halloween! I love anything that could help me make my nails more glam. These tiny stickers feature bats, spider webs, skulls, and other things to put that metallic bling on this season’s nail art.

So let’s get to the overview!

Night Fright box was really full of surprises. As usual, two nail polishes have been revealed as well as the nail decals but the rest of the items were kept a complete surprise. All of the seven items were full sized and provided a lot of value for only $24.99

  • When Pencil Met Gel eyeliner in shade Electric Teal Shimer – $16
  • Skip The Brush creme blush stick in shade Moonlit Sand – $24
  • Nail Polish in shade Sam – It Girl – $14
  • Nail Polish in shade Fleur – It Girl – $14
  • Nail Polish in shade Aradia – Boho Glam – $14
  • Nail Polish in shade Dalia – Boho Glam – $14
  • Halloween themed Nail Decals – n/a

The grand total of this mystery box brings the value to $96 plus the value of decals. I tried to look for a price tag but I just could not find it. The online store does not seem to sell any decals individually, but I would assume that the value of them would be at least $5. With the box being advertised as having the value of at least $100 the decals would put them just above that. I don’t know how I feel about that. On one hand Julep delivered, and on the other hand, they made the bare minimum they advertised.

With the value put aside, all the items were beautifully selected to fit the Halloween theme. The dark polishes along with the pop of color here and there. Even the blush fit perfectly. The people at Julep definitely have me hooked on their mystery boxes.



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