October 2018 Yes, Oh Yas! unboxing

Yes, Oh Yas! Is a monthly beauty subscription. For a monthly price of 14.99$ + shipping, you will get 3-7 full sized items that equal or exceed 85$ in value depending on current month’s selection. If you complete a year of subscribing, they will send you a box that has a very high value. I subscribed only recently and I am excited for every item that comes. As of right now, they do not have a point system.
For 10% off the first purchase use code WAREHOUSEGLAM if you decide to subscribe.

On to the items!

My favorite part of any subscription box is when they include either any type of palette or all of the chosen items can be used to create a complete look. By complete, I don’t mean a full face, but at least one that I could just put together with all the items and walk out of my house not feeling like something is missing. This month’s box could be a little of both. It did include a pallette and a shadow that could also double as a highlighter.

The theme for this month was “Resting Witch Face”, and the card had a very cute skull on it.


1. STIKS Lipstick in shade Tangerine

What a perfect color for not just a Halloween look, but also one that is appropriate for fall. This lipstick is supposed to multitask! It can be used as a creme eyeshadow or even a cheek stain.


2. Mirabella Visionary Longwear Eyeshadow in shade Imagine

This is such a beautiful shade. This eyeshadow had a wet, mousse consistency. It looks beautiful as a highlighter as well. It has a warm tone to it so I don’t quite understand how it plays into the “Resting Witch Face”. Maybe it is supposed to be a glammed up witch?


3. NCLA Beauty Nail Laquer in shade I Been Drinkin’

I will forever love nail polishes in my monthly boxes. They are the reason why I started getting more into subscription boxes and eventually makeup. The shade that was chosen is very bright and slightly pink. I would be perfect for a summer or a spring shade.

4. Skone Cosmetics Lux Pro Brush

A lip brush is something that I received for the very first time. I do not have any lip palettes, and the ombre lip is not really my thing. I could possibly find a great use for this as a detailing and packing brush. The stiff and smooth bristles seem perfect for it!


5. IBY Cosmetics City Limits eyeshadow palette

As much as I love palettes, I don’t think this one is a good fit for this box. The colors are great, but these look a little like a palette that was sent a few months back during summer. I will not swatch this palette because I am planning on giving it away. I like the brand, but this palette seems like a re-imagined version of Desert Vibes from the same company. I’m sure a friend of mine will be more excited about this palette than I am.

So let’s get to the overview!

I was less than impressed with the selection of items for this month’s box. They are great as products but they were a stretch to link them to the theme. Other than the lipstick, I did not get this season’s vibe. The cosmetics were a really good quality but I wish they stuck to the theme.

  • STIKS Lipstick in shade Tangerine – $20
  • Mirabella Visionary Longwear Eyeshadow in shade Imagine – $30
  • NCLA Beauty Nail Laquer in shade I Been Drinkin’ – $18
  • Skone Cosmetics Lux Pro Brush – $20
  • IBY Cosmetics City Limits eyeshadow palette – $28

The value of this month’s box comes to a total of $116, which is amazing! I did, however, find a slight inconsistency with the nail polish (listed for $16 on company’s website), the palette (listed for $20 on company’s website), lip brush (listed for $9 on company’s website. The lipstick was listed at $18 on the company’s website, but they did not have the shade so it was either a limited edition for an elevated price or something is off. The eyeshadow was on sale for $10 but is valued at $29 so I will let that slide.

I was shocked to find that the prices listed on the card are different from what the product’s value actually is. I know I should be happy because if I want to re-purchase the price is lower, but I feel like I was being lied to. This is the first month that I have noticed the inconsistencies. The adjusted value of the box $73 which is a difference of $43! I understand rounding, but this is about 1/3 less than what Yes, Oh Yas! was advertising.

This is the first strike for this subscription; two more and I will be canceling. This just feels a little more than dishonest, but I am willing to give this subscription the benefit of the doubt.

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