Golden Pink Cut Crease tutorial

This eye look was mostly a fail of a cut crease, but I chose to rock it anyway. I think it came out pretty nice even though I hit a few bumps in the road to completion. I was really feeling a pink and golden look so I just went with (spoiler alert!) a palette from my Boxycharm this month. Overall the colors I chose worked very well together. These shades seem very fitting for fall time. During this pictorial, I will focus only on the eyeshadow look, but if anyone is interested, those brows were slain by BH Cosmetics HD Brow Pencil.

The very first step to any eye look is, of course, a primer. In all my excitement to play with a new palette, I completely forgot to take a picture of this step. As an eyeshadow primer, I used Elizabeth Mott Thank Me Later. It is a cream primer that goes on clear once applied on the eyelid.

Step 1

With a sweeping motion apply a peachy transition shade into the crease. Slightly blend upwards, but never completely meet the brow. Make sure there is enough space for a highlighting shade.



Ace Beaute Grandiose palette, shade Clove

Step 2

Place a darker pink shade into the crease. Blend out any harsh lines between the two shades. The darker shade on my eyelid is a result of my brush not being completely clean of a darker shadow from another look. I hope that it isn’t too distracting.



Ace Beaute Grandiose palette, shade Poppy


Step 3

It’s time to cut the crease! Because of my hooded eyes, I like to put concealer on my eyelid and then open my eye to see where the edge of the cut should be. Any technique for cutting the crease is acceptable, this is just how I completed this specific look.



Catrice Cosmetics Camouflage Cream, shade 010/Ivory


Step 4

Place a dark, metallic bronze color into the outer corner and pat it half way onto to the eyelid.

I can not fool anyone with this picture. I got too carried away with my right eye and moved up a step before taking a photo. This is the flipped image of the left eye with the correct step.



Nomad Cosmetics intense eyeshadow, shade Cohiba


Step 5

For the inner half of the eyelid, pat down a shade that is either shimmer or metallic beige. For best results, I would suggest using a flat brush.



Ace Beaute Grandiose palette, shade Jasmine


Step 6 (optional)

If the crease is too taken over by the shimmer shades, use the deep pink shade that originally went into the crease.

I have to note that this step will take away a lot of the “cut” effect from the cut crease. It was a sacrifice I was willing to make to intensify the look.



Ace Beaute Grandiose palette, shade Poppy


Step 7

Again, take a deep pink shade on a small brush and apply it on the lower lash line to smoke out the look. Bring the shade past the outer corner, connecting it with where the crease shade ended.


Ace Beaute Grandiose palette, shade Poppy

Step 8

It’s time for highlighting the eye! Sweep a pink iridescent shade right under the brow, and pat the same shade into the inner corner to make the eyes pop a little more.

This step can be achieved by either an eyeshadow or a highlighter. Pink iridescence is preferred but not required.



So Susan Cosmetics Glow Amplifier prismatic glow palette, shade Strange


Step 9

As with every look, I feel the need to complete it with an eyeliner. For this specific look, I figured that a white liner would be the best choice.



Tarte Clay Pot cream eyeliner, shade White


Step 10

Finish off the look with two coats of volumizing mascara on upper and lower lashes



Doucce Punk volumizing mascara


I had lots of fun creating this look and even though it did not come out exactly like I had planned I am still happy with it. I hope that this came to be helpful, and happy recreating!


  1. I love the honesty in this post! Well done for seeing it to the end and it looks great!



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