Handaiyan Professional dual end eyeliner

I love eyeliner but there always seems to be an abundance of them around. My eyeliner drawer is slowly being filled more and more with each mystery box and quite a few subscriptions. I do have to make a note that not one of them is a dupe of the other. Even with so many of the different formulas and shades, I am yet to find that perfect liner that would be a complete ultimate holy grail.

My goal of getting an eyeliner that gives the most perfect, sharp wing just got a little closer. This little magic tool from a brand called Handaiyan, I got from a friend who thought I could get some use from it. It is a dual-ended eyeliner that has a felt tip at one end and a wing stamp at the other.

The liner part has a rather large tip with a pointed end. My first impression of it was that it would be most difficult to get in close to the lash line without making the line too thick. After a few uses, I was able to use the very tip to create a line that was not taking up a major chunk of my eyelid

On the other side, the eyeliner has a triangular stamp. It seems like the edge would be a bit too rounded for that very “sharp” wing. It was easy to use since the very first time. The only thing to worry about was getting the angle just right so that the eyes do not look lopsided.

The formula of this eyeliner is a little on the watery side, but without losing any pigment. On the swatch below, the stamp part seems a little transparent. I do believe that could have been due to a lotion that I put on before taking the picture. The two lines are the thickest and thinnest that I was able to get with varied pressure.

As far as I checked black is the only color that this eyeliner comes in. It is very easy to apply but does require more coats when working over more pigmented and textured eyeshadows. This would include cream shadows as well as glitter. It is amazing for a whole day of work. This eyeliner made it through my regular shift AND extra overtime. It did not smudge or leak into fine lines around my eye.

So let’s get to the overview!

  • Price: $5.98
  • Formula: watery, non-feathering
  • Longevity: 8hr+
  • Application: smooth, does not tug on the eyelid, requires more coats for more pigmented shadows
  • Pigment: medium, non-transparent,
  • Bonus: dual-ended for precision
  • Cons: thick pen side

This eyeliner is an amazing tool for someone who struggles to achieve that even wing. It does require a try or two to get the hang of it, but it can be easily mastered within a few tries. This product is available for purchase from Amazon.


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